Venture X
Venture X wants to make the tech scene go BOOM!

As many of you know, the tech scene in Naples and all of SWFL just isn’t visible. There are many talented developers and designers here, but no one notices them. 

Why is that?

We will tell you why. Because there hasn’t been a place for these techies and entrepreneurs to call home. Every city, whether it was Palo Alto or New York City, needed a leader and a space to make the tech scene explode. 

This is what we want Venture X to do. We have a team of strong entrepreneurs, who have invested in tech startups who were acquired by big names such as Google. At Venture X, we are ready to get this tech scene rumbling in Naples and all of SWFL. We will be hosting hack-a-thons, demo days, and possibly larger events that are known world-wide.

It is going to take some time, but the team at Venture X is excited and ready to get the technology enthusiasts collaborating, innovating, and building Naples to be the tech hot-spot in all of SWFL.

So get excited folks! It’s finally happening!

(Venture X is an entrepreneurship office space that is available to any industry, not solely tech)

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