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What is a Virtual Office Space?

Apr 21, 2015 | Blog

Have you wanted to start your own business, but are not able to invest a substantial amount into an office space? Are you unsure of the business’ success and need to test the waters of the market before you are able to invest in property? If you answered yes to either (or both) of those questions, you may want to explore the option of a virtual office space. A virtual office space, much like the working world itself, is an office for a business that can be anywhere and everywhere and not within a set or dedicated office space. More often than not, business owners that utilize virtual office spaces are able to give an address or other communication options to clients,

What is it?

virtual office space is an office with an address and communication facilities, but has no (or limited) office space. The use of a virtual office space has started to increase greatly simply due to the benefits it offers to small and startup businesses. The use of a virtual office space gives these business owners the chance to reduce overall office space costs, all while still being able to utilize a formal business address.

Do I Need a Virtual Office Space?

If you’re considering whether or not you should use a virtual office space, consider the following:

  • Are you a small, startup business?
  • Do you have limited funds for office space?
  • Do you or your employees enjoy working remotely – and feel more productive in doing so?
  • Do you need to solidify your business with a location?
  • Are you an older business with an office space, but are looking to extend your service area?

If you answered yes to a few (or all) of the above, a virtual office space may be an ideal option for your business.

Benefits of Virtual Offices

A virtual office provides many benefits to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Professionalism: Seldom can a business operate at the highest level of the market and be taken seriously without having a proper address. The use of a recognizable business address allows the businesses a chance to establish their market standings.
  • Lower Costs: This is the major advantage of a virtual office space. A virtual office space allows the business owners the chance to establish the businesses standing without having to spend too lavishly to create a physical space to operate from.
  • Increased Productivity: Part of being a small business owner or entrepreneur is loving what you do. Sometimes, the typical office lifestyle is not for everyone, and you may find that you enjoy working from the local coffee shop, your home, or wherever you can find Wi-Fi. If that’s the case, using a virtual office space will allow you to still work the way you enjoy while not sacrificing the professionalism and legitimacy of a physical business address.

Virtual Office Spaces Available at Venture X

At Venture X, we offer innovative office solutions to startups, small businesses, and large businesses alike. We understand the ever-changing needs of business professionals today and have created virtual office spaces available that match those needs. If you’re looking for a virtual office space, we have a few options for you. Choose from our Basic or Platinum options, which includes the following:

  • Use of our address
  • Mail acceptance, personal mailbox, and access to mail forwarding
  • A listing on the Venture X Directory
  • Access to our conference rooms if needed
  • And more!

Contact us to learn more about our virtual office space options!

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