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What Venture X Members Are Reading

Oct 19, 2020 | Blog

As America reopens, Venture X locations are taking all precautions to protect our members’ health during this unique chapter in our history – following the CDC and WHO guidelines, wearing face coverings, providing sanitizing stations, frequently cleaning high traffic areas, and social distancing. During the shutdown, America paused and a lot of small- and medium-sized business owners found time to read or listen to more new books or revisited old favorites than they typically have time for, which inspired them and kept them motivated during these challenging times.

Reading is one of those things that busy business owners often struggle to make time for. Those who do make the time to read, however, know it can be life-changing by sparking new ideas, keeping them connected with the greater business community, helping them shift their priorities, giving them a new perspective, and so much more. In short, reading can help entrepreneurs and business owners become better business leaders. Books allow us to walk in the shoes of another individual who may have faced challenges similar to those we are facing and learn from their mistakes as well as their successes. Why not learn from others who have traveled similar paths? Reading is also known to help reduce stress levels, strengthen analytical skills, and increase creativity – all of which every successful business leader will agree are integral to success.

This month, Venture X takes an inside look at the business books our members are reading to stay on track for success, in these unique and challenging times.

From Venture X West Palm Beach

·         Member: Marcel

·         Company: Virag Distribution LLC

·         Book: The Alchemist

·         Author: Paulo Coelho

“This book resonates with me because the main character’s challenges and life story are similar to some of my personal life experiences.”

·         Member: Nicole

·         Company: Wolfe Agency

·         Book: Think & Grow Rich

·         Author: Napoleon Hill

“This book resonates with me because I like reading books that challenge my mind and help me in growing richer in life and financially!”

·         Member: Frankie Littlejohn

·         Company: PHP Agency

·         Book: Your Next Five Moves

·         Author: Patrick Bet-David

“This book resonates with me because the subtitle is, ‘Master the Art of Business Strategy,’ whether you’re a start-up or have had your business for years you should always be thinking about your next moves to get you aligned with your long-term goals.”

From Venture X Naples

·         Member: Monica Ramos

·         Company: Stay Social 

·         Book: Living Courageously

·         Author: Joyce Meyer

“This book resonates with me because this faith-based book is about teaching someone to face their fears, how to face them head-on, and tips on how to live and enjoy life to the fullest. I find it incredibly helpful to any business owner who can use more courage in life and at work.”

·         Member: Alex Sousa

·         Company: VIP International Realty

·         Book: The One Thing

·         Author: Gary Keller

“This book resonates with me because this book helps you understand that multitasking is not always the best way to get something done. If you focus on one major (or minor) thing a day and give it 100% of your time and energy that will get you closer to your goal than giving a hundred things only 20% of your energy.”

From Venture X Durham – Frontier RTP

·         Member: Shannon Smith

·         Company: Onna

·         Book: Ego is the Enemy

·         Author: Ryan Holiday

“I just started “reading,” really, listening to this book. Onna has a great culture. A part of the culture is that we are low ego. I wanted to learn more about how others think of ego and its role in the workplace, and life.”

Venture X is here to help you grow your business and is eager to be part of your success story. We know our busy members may struggle to find time to get things done sometimes, but we also know the value of picking up a book that inspires a new thought process or idea. At Venture X, we’re open to all business professionals that need a real place to work. For those looking to scale up or down, for the time being, those who need to sidestep commercial office leases, those whose employers want them to continue to work remotely, and for those business owners who are looking to work in a place that’s anywhere except their homes, Venture X is the place for them.

Join us today – contact Venture X to schedule a tour at a location near you!

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