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December 10, 2019

Why Should You Use a Coworking Space in West Palm?

If you’re a West Palm Beach entrepreneur or freelancer, you might be interested in the hype surrounding coworking spaces. Just 20 years ago, coworking spaces were barely relevant. It’s hypothesized that the evolution of coworking spaces began with collaborative hacker spaces in Europe in the 1990s, but it wasn’t until 2006 that interest really started to propagate.

In case you aren’t familiar, coworking spaces typically function like large offices, with work stations, desks, meeting rooms, furniture, and sometimes even a kitchen. Rather than being limited to one company or one team, however, coworking spaces are open to a wide range of different people, who either pay a monthly subscription fee for access to these amenities or a day fee to gain temporary access. Venture X is a perfect example here, and we’re opening a brand new building we’re calling Phase 2. Featuring 20 offices, 75 seats, and 6,500 square feet, this building will overlook Rosemary Square—including the newly constructed dancing fountain there.

So why would you consider using a coworking space like this in West Palm?

Saving Office Costs in West Palm

West Palm Beach is a popular area for businesses, especially in central downtown. The rent for an office is accordingly quite high, averaging $53.74 per square foot in 2016. On top of that, you’ll face all the typical expenses of an office, including internet, utilities, and office supplies for you and any employees you have.

If your business needs some kind of office space to operate, but you don’t have access to the capital necessary to afford those sky-high rent prices, coworking spaces are a perfect alternative. For just a few hundred dollars per employee per month, you can gain access to a professional, polished space where you can meet with clients, work daily, and collaborate with others. It’s a perfect way to preserve a frugal budget without getting in the way of operations.

Meeting Other Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

Most people in the business world already understand the incredible power of networking—and coworking spaces have a built-in mechanism for you to network with others. Every day, you’ll have the opportunity to sit and work with other people or talk around the water cooler. Not only will you see many of the same people every day (since most subscriptions sold are monthly), but you’ll also get the opportunity to meet new people in one-off interactions as they use the facilities for the day.

For a freelancer, this is the perfect opportunity to meet new potential clients or partners. If you’re an entrepreneur, you can use this as an opportunity to build awareness of your brand, create new business partnerships, or even find employees. Whatever the case, networking can benefit your business and/or your career, and coworking spaces make networking easier.

Many coworking spaces, including Venture X, also host regular events like Toastmasters International, Lunch and Learn events, or Atlantis Networking, giving you even more opportunities to meet new people.

Making a Good Impression on Potential Clients

If you’re working with clients, there’s no better way to make a good first impression than meeting in person—even in this age of mostly digital communications. If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, you might ordinarily be stuck working out of your garage, or in a cramped, low-quality office that fits within your budget. These aren’t exactly the best environments to host a meeting with a prospect who has a good chance of becoming your first paying client.

Coworking spaces, by contrast, have a polished, professional image that’s available for a reasonable price. If you get a day pass, you can often use a coworking space for a single day, and if you purchase a monthly access pass, you can make use of meeting rooms at any time. Either way, you’ll put your best foot forward with your most promising clients.

Collaborating in Peace

Most businesses rely on collaboration in at least one way. Entrepreneurs may rely on brainstorming sessions with partners. Employees may rely on teamwork to accomplish tasks. And freelancers might meet with clients to determine the direction of a campaign. In any case, finding a secure, professional, and supportive place to collaborate can be difficult.

Coworking spaces are the ideal environment. You’ll have access to all the tools, resources, and environments you need to work together—whether that’s utilizing the flexibility of an open area or renting a private meeting room. If you’re willing to pay for a higher tier membership, you can also gain access to a private office that’s all your own.

Optimizing Your Remote Working Arrangement

These days, remote work—working from home—is more popular than ever. Individual employees get the chance to increase their productivity and have more flexibility for personal responsibilities, while employers get to save money on office costs. It’s a real win-win.

However, some people have trouble adjusting to working from home. They may not be able to muster the self-discipline or professional mindset necessary to do their best work when they’re totally unsupervised, or when they’re outside a traditional office environment. They might also get lonely when they aren’t working around other people.

In any case, a coworking space can serve a remote worker’s needs flexibly, offering them an office-like environment and plenty of good company whenever they need it. At Venture X, we’ve hired an excellent Community Manager and Coordinator Joshua Shronce and Jourdan Przybyla, respectively, to make sure the entrepreneurs and freelancers of our community get everything they need to thrive.

Getting Work Done on Your Trip

If you live in West Palm Beach and you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, a coworking space can be a fantastic, reliable solution for many of your business needs. But coworking spaces aren’t just for local residents.

In the course of business, you likely have to travel at least occasionally, whether it’s to survey a new area or meet with new clients. If that’s the case, your traditional options for work environments are limited; you might bring a laptop to a café or a book store, but these environments can be noisy, and may not have everything you need. By contrast, coworking spaces are perfect for these short-term trips, giving you all the amenities you need to stay productive while traveling.

If you’re interested in finding a coworking space in West Palm, consider taking a tour of Venture X. With prices starting at $40 a month, you’ll gain access to one of the best-furnished and most popular coworking spaces for entrepreneurs in the state. Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more!