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Why the Workers of Tomorrow Crave Hybrid Work

Jul 26, 2022 | Blog

The workers of tomorrow have different needs and wants than the workers of today. In fact, the young Millennials and the Zoomers are quite different in how they work to the older Millennials and Gen X workforce. Hybrid work, a concept older workers are suspicious of, is the preferred method for younger workers. There are many reasons, but the biggest reason is younger workers crave freedom, and hybrid work offers exactly that.

Environmental Concerns

The environmental concerns are two-fold for younger workers – the environment they literally work in, and the environment at large. Younger workers are far more attuned to the nature of climate change than older workers. They don’t want to spew carbon into the atmosphere by commuting every day. Furthermore, the surroundings of younger workers matter. These workers work best when they’re in a space meeting their needs. Hybrid work allows this.

Lack of Onerous Supervision

Younger workers, the workers of tomorrow, do not like supervisors hovering over them. They prefer to work independently and find being in an office stifling. Older employers not in tune with these traits characterize these workers as lazy, however, the productivity numbers beg to differ. Younger workers when working in an environment that they’re not hovered over are absurdly productive. They prefer hybrid work not so they can get out of work, but so they can work best.

Comfort in Virtual Settings

A buzzword for bringing employees back to the office is “spontaneous collaboration”; this is the idea that face to face encounters in the office give birth to innovation. Upon further research, this idea is not quite hokum, but not too far away. The workers of tomorrow are comfortable in virtual settings, even if their bosses, craving them to be in the office, aren’t. The bursts of creativity arise from the worker, and if the worker is creative, the setting doesn’t matter. In fact, for the younger workers, there’s greater comfort developing innovation virtually than in person.

Hybrid working gets fully realized at coworking spaces like Venture X. Whether you’re an employee or an owner of a company, come to your local Venture X and learn how hybrid work at this coworking space enhances your bottom line.

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