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Work & Life Post-COVID – Re-Imagining Work & Workspaces

by | Apr 24, 2021 | Blog

Although more than half the country has rolled up its sleeves for at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, we’re not out of the woods yet. But we can start to see the light. As the US takes a definitive turn towards reaching herd immunity, people are traveling and safely gathering in larger groups. Work scenarios seem not to be that straightforward, however. With many people still working remotely, and a good many, not by choice, they are feeling the isolation of remote work in their day-to-day life of working and living in the same place, with no daily extemporaneous interactions outside of their family units. At some point, remote workers feel the need to interact with other business professionals in person. Interactions with other business professionals that initiate new ideas and inspire you in your work have always been some of the major attractions of the coworking model.

Remote Workers

Since employers have found that remote work does, in fact, work, many are rethinking bringing some employees back to a physical space to work. For one thing, not running your company at full capacity saves on utilities and the expense of extra cleaning of high traffic areas. Other things, such as updating to “no-touch” technology and rearranging office and community spaces to comply with social distancing measures will cost companies money and time to implement. Commuters, on the other hand, are saving money on fuel, auto maintenance, and work apparel. Other workers are saving on mass transit fares and avoiding crowded spaces. Because every company and remote worker’s situation is unique, many employers are working through some hybrid options to better situate remote employees, as more companies open back up for business.

Hub and Spoke

For many larger companies, taking advantage of coworking spaces for remote workers creates hybrid work schedules between totally remote work and going into the office full time. After staying at home for almost a year, many workers would rather go to work in situations that exist between their homes and the grueling, expensive commutes in pre-COVID times. There’s also something to be said for lowering greenhouse emissions, with fewer commuters sitting in heavy traffic twice a day to go into the office. With these things in mind, large companies are renting desks and offices in coworking spaces, such as Venture X to accommodate remote workers. Some companies are offering employees a place to work a couple of times a week that’s not in their homes. The pandemic somewhat leveled the playing field in the controversy over the benefits of traditional office environments versus coworking spaces. The two spaces are merging in a way not many people could have imagined pre-pandemic. Coworking spaces are naturally set up to serve businesses and workers better as employees are opting for schedules with more flexibility, due to more mobility in the way people can now work.

Venture X pivots to remain relevant during pandemic

When the pandemic shut down the world as we knew it, many thought that coworking spaces could not survive social distancing measures. As it turned out, social networking events gave way to virtual events and coworking spaces were deemed “essential businesses.” Venture X pivoted, as so many businesses did to survive in these uncertain times. Following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, Venture X’s rambling, open spaces adapted well to social distancing measures, separating shared desk spaces and socially distancing designated seating in common areas and our cafés. With our members’ safety as our top priority, Venture X requires face coverings, provides hand sanitizer stations, and regularly cleans high traffic areas. Eliminating frequently touched items, Venture X moved to using disposable coffee service items and disposable sign-in stylus pens at check-in. Maintaining the highest standards, our phone booths and conference rooms are cleaned after each use.

Flexibility in uncertain times

While some businesses are trying to find the right balance for their employees, between working solely remotely and finding the right mix of at-home and coworking spaces, many companies, feeling the weight of the pandemic in terms of lost revenue are utilizing the flexibility of coworking spaces to regroup, restructure, and reinvent themselves. The flexibility that coworking spaces offer can make a significant difference in surviving the pandemic. Even if you’re seeking a temporary home for your business, Venture X provides the space that you need now, with fast and reliable Internet, business-class office equipment, a long list of quality amenities, and everything else you need to run your business from day one in upscale, refined surroundings. In place of signing a lengthy commercial lease for your company, coworking spaces offer your company flexible, monthly contracts, with the ability to add office and desk spaces as your company gets back on track.

Flexibility on an individual level

For remote workers that need a place to work several times a week, several times a month, or that require some other time frame to balance their remote work lives, Venture X offers membership plans that can accommodate your specific needs. While employers and employees are sorting out how the new normal will work most effectively and efficiently, some large businesses may reinvent themselves in a way that will result in highly desirable working situations.

Businesses could convert to coworking spaces at the Enterprise level

Before the pandemic, large companies were showing interest in incorporating the coworking model into the office environment by opting to anchor coworking spaces at the Enterprise level. While analysts predicted that corporations would push the pause button on such huge moves, for the time being, there may never be a better time for these companies to consider these moves, due to the current availability of commercial spaces at good prices, caused by companies closing during the pandemic.

As we move forward, today’s workers are interested in alternative solutions that combine remote work and working in an office environment. “Combined with the design, features and overall uniqueness of our flexible office spaces,” Venture X President, Jason Anderson said, in a January 2021 interview, “Venture X is an incredibly attractive workspace option and investment opportunity.” It’s important to note that Venture X opened 15 new spaces and accepted 27 development agreements in 2020, with 22 of these taking place during the pandemic. “We take great pride in understanding what the workforce prioritizes in a workplace,” Anderson elaborated, “and we continue to offer a welcoming and hospitable first-class environment that allows companies and individuals to thrive.” Venture X is focused on the ever-evolving coworking industry and meeting the ever-changing demands of business professionals at our locations across the country. Venture X is poised to meet your coworking needs at any time.

The future of work is today – at Venture X!

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