Venture X

Zoom Room, Podcast Studio, Office Space Meeting Rooms, Event Venues and Coffee Bar – One Stop Shop!

We are officially up and running at Venture X Arlington.  The space is 100% complete and with the vaccination numbers increasing daily and schools reopening, life is slowly beginning to look more normal for many people in Northern Virginia. Large and smal companies alike are finally able to plan what the ‘new work space of the future’ can and should like for their employees.  Fortunately, we had the benefit of designing our space mid-pandemic and were able to think about what our community needs would like.  For many, they desire a flex or hybrid workspace.  A space that allows for collaboration and much needed face to face contact, yet, is efficient in the use of resources and money as many employees will strive to work from both the office and their homes.  Ultimately, we should have a more balanced work-life balance as the model of working from home has been proven over that last year.  

At Venture X, we are primed to be able to make this happen for companies of all sizes.  With our scalable office sizes, beautiful community areas, collaboration rooms, and technology offerings (Podcast Rooms, Zoom Rooms, Meeting Rooms from 2-24 people, and Projection Screens) we can accomodate almost anything.  Come in for a visit.  See what the office space of the future looks like. We designed it just for you! 

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