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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight – Jonny Carroll June 30, 2021

Member Spotlight – Jonny Carroll

Venture X’s flexible office spaces provide an ideal solution for those looking for a professional workspace away from home and other distractions. Venture X members come from a wide array of industries and have found the upscale, modern...

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Member Spotlight – Kelly Ann Winget June 01, 2021

Member Spotlight – Kelly Ann Winget

When you are in the market for a professional workspace, and you never want to worry about a long-term lease, co-working is for you. The best part of coworking spaces like Venture X is that you walk in and get down to work right away. You do not...

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Member Spotlight – David Victor May 03, 2021

Member Spotlight – David Victor

Coworking and flexible workspaces have seen incredible growth in the last year and have become the new “it” place to work for startups, small businesses, and even large corporations. The perks that come with flexible workspaces such as...

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Member Spotlight – Stephen Page April 01, 2021

Member Spotlight – Stephen Page

As the business landscape has changed in the last year so has the demand for shared flexible office spaces. With the option to work from home being far from ideal for many people, coworking spaces such as Venture X have become the ideal workspace...

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Member Spotlight – Wendell J. Haskins March 01, 2021

Member Spotlight – Wendell J. Haskins

Professionals,  across many industries,  are suffering from pandemic fatigue and are tiring of the isolation of working at home.  More and more frequently, they are looking to break out of their home office or their spare bedroom to...

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Member Spotlight – Luis Victoria January 28, 2021

Member Spotlight – Luis Victoria

A flexible workspace without a long-term commitment, like those offered by Venture X locations around the world, is a hot commodity in 2021, and for good reason. Venture X’s coworking spaces offer businesses, in any industry of any size, the...

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Member Spotlight – Robert Douglas December 23, 2020

Member Spotlight – Robert Douglas

Selecting a professional workspace no longer requires a long-term lease, remodeling, buying office furniture and equipment, hiring a cleaning company, and all the other tedious tasks that you would typically expect. Instead, the modern workspace is...

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Member Spotlight – Jason Franzen November 25, 2020

Member Spotlight – Jason Franzen

Flexible workspaces, such as Venture X, have become a viable option for many businesses that had possibly never considered using such a space. The flexible terms offer the much-needed ability to scale up or down as businesses explore what works best...

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Member Spotlight – Riley Traveller October 27, 2020

Member Spotlight – Riley Traveller

Venture X offers flexible, upscale coworking spaces that allow businesses to scale up or down as needed every month. With a safe and comfortable place to work, your business can continue to grow and meet your goals each month. Surrounded by other...

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Member Spotlight – Glenn Paradise September 25, 2020

Member Spotlight – Glenn Paradise

Flexible workspaces are the talk of the business world . . . and with good reason. Whether it is a startup or a well-established large business, coworking spaces have become the ideal place to work. The flexible terms and workspaces also attract a...

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Member Spotlight – Kate Kim August 19, 2020

Member Spotlight – Kate Kim

Venture X’s professional and flexible office spaces encourage members to grow their businesses amid the other hard-working businesses all focused on the same end goal. Like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners seek out the flexibility...

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Member Spotlight – Ritwik Pavan July 22, 2020

Member Spotlight – Ritwik Pavan

Coworking and flexible workspaces have drastically changed the way people work today. Startups and small businesses as well as large corporations have discovered the savings and benefits associated with flexible workspaces such as Venture X. Having...

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