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Home office vs. coworking?

When working remotely became an option for some businesses, the idea of working at home seemed like the greatest idea ever because you could work at home – in your pajamas. Both contract workers and businesses liked the idea of saving money on setting up offices for in-house team members and team members liked saving money on business attire, lunches, and transportation. It worked until small business owners, freelancers, and tech startups realized that the distractions of a home-based office could keep you from growing your business. This, in combination with the lack of interacting with other business people and feeling out of the professional community loop, led a lot of small business owners to establish a space away from their homes to work. Due to the expenses involved in leasing and outfitting office spaces in a good neighborhood, someone came up with the idea of sharing spaces and coworking provided affordable office spaces, working in a community of business professionals with the same goals of growing their success.

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