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Why Venture X

Coworking is the Future

Coworking and flexible workspace opportunities have dramatically changed the way people work. In recent years, more and more individuals and companies are choosing to take advantage of the savings and benefits associated with flexible workspaces. Moving right into a fully functioning office space in a business-savvy neighborhood that is complete with everything you need to grow your business, will allow you to focus on your core business without the distraction and expense of office setup costs and maintenance. With flexible workspaces, built-in amenities, current technology and a place you like to come to work to every day, more established and medium-size companies are looking for spaces like Venture X to call home.

Venture X

Coworking Office Space

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Traditional Office Space

Unlimited access to a network of locations

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Limited to your own office space

Affordable monthly investment- 1 bill a month

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Expensive monthly investment - several bills a month

No contract or lease agreement

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Long-term commitment required

Endless opportunities for networking & brainstorming

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Limited opportunities for Networking & brainstorming

Flexible space to grow your business as needed

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Committed to size of space

Move-in ready

Cleaning & maintenance service included

Printers, scanners & copiers available

Free coffee, tea, and water

Utilities included, power, internet, cable, etc.

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Expensive monthly investment - several bills a month

Venture X Provides Flexible, Upscale, Well-designed Office Environments

What Do We Offer?

With coworking spaces replacing traditional office environments, what sets Venture X apart from the growing number of flexible workspace options cropping up all over the globe? Unlike other flexible workspaces with their whimsical fusion of networking and uncharted possibilities, Venture X is geared towards the established business professional looking for upscale surroundings at locations that are dressed for success.

Our contemporary, design-forward spaces offer a motivating place to not only launch your business but to grow your business and expand your brand. At Venture X, we focus on creating engaging, motivating work environments for professionals and entrepreneurs that inspire our diverse membership to collaborate.

Venture X is also unique in that our spaces are owned and operated by local entrepreneurs, just like you. We understand your market and are here to provide an environment that will gear you for success.

Venture X President Jason Anderson says, “Venture X is unlike any of the other workspace concepts out there. We consistently focus on quality and our value-added offerings are the cornerstone of the membership experience.”

Our Amenities

Along with the well-appointed space, members will enjoy a variety of amenities and services including:

Fully Equipped Meeting Rooms

Concierge-Level Services

Cafe & Reception Area

Social & Networking Events

Convenient, 24/7 Access

Premium Furniture

We’re Growing

Aggressive Expansion Plans Underway

Venture X ended 2020 with 39 locations worldwide (United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Dubai and United Kingdom) and exciting plans for 2021. Venture X will continue to grow organically, as well as through conversions of competitor spaces when available, to provide professional, flexible workspaces to more entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers and businesses worldwide.

Venture X confidently forges ahead of the competition in providing a network of quality, flexible, affordable workspaces geared towards successful professionals that have come to expect the best.

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