3 Ways Coworking Helps Mental Health

Mar 20, 2023

There are plenty of mental health benefits to coworking. However, the office lifestyle is one in which the grind of work replaces the concern for the well-being of the worker. This is a paradigm coworking seeks to change.

To be fair, responsible offices seek to do the same as well. Now that empirical research exists touting the benefits of positive mental health on productivity, coworkers must know how they can use coworking to keep themselves in a positive mental state.

Burnout Reduction

The reason burnout is a problem is due to the repetitive nature of office work. Groundhog Day is a real phenomenon, and workers lacking new stimulation eventually grow frustrated.

The stress of the same daily grind wears them out. Coworking is different because every day there’s something new. It could be new coworkers, a different desk, or other new items. The bottom line is when coworkers get different stimulation, they lower their risk of burnout.

mental health while coworking

Developing a Sense of Community

Part of the reason office work isn’t suitable for many people is the lack of community. Office jobs are competitive. Everyone tries to one-up the person next to them and that hurts the idea of community.

Instead, coworking has no competitors, only those who are in it together. The beauty of this system is when people aren’t competing, they end up collaborating. This sense of community gives individuals a purpose and thinking of something bigger than themselves. It’s why the very nature of coworking is ideal for building a community.


The easiest way for people to lose their sense of self and get depressed is not to have autonomy. Coworking is professional autonomy. It’s the work that allows people to take control of their destinies.

Through coworking, people can design their professional future regardless of if their work is with a start-up or an established business. Having autonomy is the easiest way to empower people, and when people feel empowered, their mental health thrives.

Coworking is a great fit for all people, but the mental health benefits are too vast to ignore. Visit a local Venture X and see how your mental health at work will benefit from coworking.

If you are looking for a healthy solution. Learn more about how coworkers stay healthy

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