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Benefits of Working in a Coworking Environment

Apr 10, 2015 | Blog

Years ago, the idea of working in a shared office space, or coworking environment, was known and embraced by few. Nowadays, business people in all types of industries have started to make this the norm. Also, new entrepreneurs are turning to coworking environments and shared office spaces to start up their businesses. In short, the idea of using and working from a shared workplace has grown immensely.

What is Coworking?

As its name suggests, coworking is a working style that involves a whole host of people – from different companies, industries, etc. – working underneath the same roof. As such, they share office space, break rooms, conference rooms, and more. What makes coworking exceptionally different from your typical office space is that all of these people have the chance to network and connect with those in other industries, thus creating partnerships, a network of connections in the area, and business overall.

The Benefits of Coworking

The above benefits are just a few reasons more and more business people are utilizing coworking space for their businesses. Additionally, below are a few more benefits of working in a shared office spaceEasy for Startup Businesses With the talent we see in and around Naples, Bonita Springs, and Southwest Florida overall, a shared office space will help entrepreneurs in our area start their business. While a lot has changed in the world of business, one thing has remained true: having a location solidifies a business. In a shared office space or coworking environment, startup companies are able to take advantage of lower costs than typical office spaces. Business Network Growth Whether your business is new or old, networking is extremely important. Oftentimes, small businesses will attend networking events after-hours. However, in a coworking environment, you’re able to network all during the workday. At Venture X, for example, we have clients in a variety of industries that work with in our space each day. All throughout the day, we see our clients connecting with each other, building relationships, and growing their network. Relationships are key to business success and working in a coworking space makes building those relationships a bit easier. Cost-Efficiency of Coworking It’s no secret that a typical office space lease/ownership can get expensive. When you’re in a typical office environment, what are the benefits you receive? Do you have options in your office choices? When you take both of those things into account, it’s clear to see that the value of working within a shared office space outweighs that of your typical office space.

Venture X: Offering Coworking Space to Southwest Florida

If you’re looking for coworking space in Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, or all of Southwest Florida, look no further than Venture X. We provide innovative coworking solutions to both small and large businesses in Naples, FL. We offer a variety of options, including the following:

  • Private Offices
  • Permanent Desks
  • Flexible Desks
  • Virtual Office Space

In addition, there are no long-term contracts and with us, you’ll have access to a variety of amenities, including:

  • Fully-furnished office space
  • Fiber optic WiFi
  • Full kitchen, couches, and café style seating
  • Unlimited organic coffee for you and for clients
  • And so much more!

To learn more about Venture X or about our pricing options, contact us today via our website or call us at (239) 300-9601.

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