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Coworking is the New Executive Center

Nov 19, 2012 | Blog

Okay, so the title is a bit extreme, because coworking spaces and executive centers are nothing alike. However, what I am trying to say is that coworking is the way this generation is beginning to work, just like executive centers used to be. Low cost…low risk…awesome environments!

Coworking is Taking Over.

A recent study was completed by Deskmag, that showed over 2,000 coworking spaces wordwide. Let’s step back for a second and remember that the first coworking space opened around 2005. Only two years ago, 600 coworking spaces were accounted for. New York City alone has 60 coworking spaces. 60 spaces for just over 8 million people. If we do the math, that’s 1 space for every 133,333 people. Not bad right? This is why we see a trend of small cities of less than 1,000,000 building multiple coworking spaces.

Is Coworking a Bubble?

Nope. These trends we are seeing are here to stay. Coworking spaces are being built with a purpose and they have a real wealth to share. There’s a large change in the world of working and these characteristics are due to the economic changes around the globe. That long term security one used to feel from employers is no longer present and people are leaving corporations and starting their own companies. Coworking allows companies to start at a very low cost with little to no risk. Let’s take a look. If someone want’s to start their own company right now, they most likely can survive with a laptop, cellphone, and a desk.

Yes, they can work from home, but if they wanted to appear professional, with a business address, an inspiring environment and an amazing community of like-minded individuals to surround them, they can join a cowork space for a few hundred per month. The best part of being a small company or entrepreneur…you are less likely to get fired. It’s a great feeling. You should try it! Want to check out Venture X for the day for free? Contact us and tell us you want a free day pass.

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