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Ese Aihie, Co-owner at VentureX, Castle Hills talks about the future of Co- working Flexible Spaces.

Ese Aihie spoke with Jeff Crilley on his show about the future of the workspace industry in response to the COVID-19 pandemic situation in an interview as a co-owner at Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills.

Jeff Crilley is the CEO of Real News PR, author of Free Publicity, and former Emmy Award-winning TV reporter from Dallas, Texas. He’s known for his talks with TOP business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, and successful companies to get the inside scoop.

Ese Aihie is a co-owner at Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills as well as founder and CEO of a company called Work Innovators.

She describes Venture X as a flexible workspace organization that offers workspaces to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and large organizations. Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills is known to be leading the coworking industry, and it provides people with flexible office space without the stress of a heavy commitment to a lease or rent. 

Admiring the Facebook pictures of Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills, Jeff marvels at the quality office space deeming it “beautiful” and “sophisticated”. As the virtual tour of the pictures continues, Ese goes on to lovingly refer to Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills as her “baby”. She offers more wise insight on her perspective on the value of coworking spaces and stating that “the thing I tell people is, you are not just getting a workspace, it is much more than a workspace. We provide a community to a lot of the small business owners, freelancers, and large organizations.”

Ese describes the very essence of her workspace and what it strives to do for the members.“We just recently opened in February 2020 here. And we provide very high-end furniture, we work with our members to make sure they succeed as a look as an organization by linking them with the right contacts and at Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills, one of the things we say is YOUR DREAM IS OUR DREAM.”

Speaking about the videos of other locations, Jeff mentions how  “they all are cut in the same cloth. These are all just upscale and a cool workspace that people would want to come to work to.”

In confirmation, Ese explained the changing dimensions of work and how companies operate. She mentions that the functioning pattern of the organizations is evolving, especially with the COVID-19 situation.

Ese also emphasizes how enterprises look for professional, flexible office space like that of Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills. Venture X provides a variety of options for people to work in. You can rent one office space or can rent multiple office spaces; Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills has 90+ office spaces for large organizations. 

Placing importance on Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills as a customer-centric organization, Ese emphasizes that “we are very particular first of all on customer services, and now even more so, we provide a very sanitizing environment for people to be able to do their work, considering the pandemic situation”  

Talking about community, Ese describes how “Small entrepreneurs that never dreamt of owning an office because of the expenses now have hope, they have a place where they can professionally operate from.  That’s what’s so great about Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills. We are a locally owned and globally connected community!

What do you mean locally owned and globally connected? Jeff voices a thoughtful question, and Ese answers when she addresses that “most of the owners at Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills, are local. For them, they get to understand the community; they understand the needs of their members. So it’s a community where the owners are very involved and we are customer-centric.”

Our global connectivity also comes into play through our numerous locations all around the world. A membership at Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills is a membership to Venture X locations on an international scale!

Indicating the current scenario, Jeff briefly mentions how a lot of employees initially enjoyed work from home, but as time has gone on they have become more restless and have started to feel the urge to get out of the house, put on a nice outfit, and go to work. Jeff wonders if Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills has benefitted from this mass trend of restlessness.

Ese’s response seems to confirm that it has. “Definitely, so I noticed, we have a member from Microsoft. She has chosen to be a member of Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills and has an office there.” The Microsoft employee told Ese about how she and her husband are 24/7 at home and she feels that there is a beauty of going out and being missed and coming back home.

Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills has certainly become a thrilling escape for many members from the daily, mundane routine of staying at home because of the pandemic. We assure you, it can be your escape too! 

Ese elaborates on the networking her coworking space provides in addition to its function as a means of leaving the house. “We have seen a lot of larger organizations, looking for memberships for their employees. We have very fast, secured internet services and at the end of the day, people need people. Human beings are made to need people. So what I love about is, we can stay socially distant at the same time we can be connected. It’s collaboration.

Talking about her various experiences with companies seeking flexible office spaces, Ese mentions that at Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills, there was a large organization that was looking for space for their team. Amazed by this, she asked them why exactly they need space as such a big company. They specifically placed importance on how they need their team members to be in a creative environment where they could become a lot more innovative. Lucky for them, Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills provides just that environment! It’s a place that fosters forward and future thinking for those who make the amazing decision to work there.

Wondering some more about VentureX as a Company, Jeff asks Ese another great question.  “It is a fast-growing franchise model isn’t it?”

Ese informs that it is a fast-growing franchise model, its owned by parent company UFG and they have been in the franchise industry for over 30 years. She also stresses that UFG provides a lot of support for its members and their owners. Ese also adds that being in this industry for 30+ years, they were the best to pick up from the other businesses for investments.  

“Why Castle Hills?” Jeff enquires. In response, Ese offered her unique perspective.

“I love my neighborhood. Castle Hill is right between the colony and the Louisville location and that’s on 121. We are surrounded by the so-called 5 billion dollar road. We have a great landscape location. At Castle Hills, there is a diversified pool of companies and different industries. We are 15 minutes away from the airport less than 10 min away from Plano, Frisco – which are uprising places to be.”

Adding more about the central location of Castle Hills, she discusses how Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills is right in the middle of everything and includes restaurants that are centrally located. We believe in the term Live, Work, and Play. So we are work, we have neighborhoods and lots of communities around the area where people can“live”,  and from the fun perspective there are places surrounding our location where you can go to relax and “play”.

Jeff asks some engaging questions about the coworking sign up process, “how do your members signup with you? Is it for a year, how does it work?”

Ese explains the beauty of model Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills and stresses the importance of a flexible workspace model. According to her, members can do no term lease. They can sign up for a year, for a month or a week. 

She elaborates on the flexibility of her workspace and goes on to explain its ability to adapt even during crises such as the pandemic.“So during the COVID era, when we were shut down, we started helping people, so they have a weekly day pass. Instead of doing the monthly pass, now we have opportunities where everyone can afford it.  So in the week, they are coming out of the house to work. And so they have a weekly date or daily day pass.  

We had to pivot our terms of how we do, and that’s the beauty of being flexible.”Ese informs Jeff with a detailed description of their model. 

The Crilley Show host loves this concept and finishes the interview by including website details of the Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills page. 

About Author Ese Aihie

Ese Aihie is the owner of Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills. She is a subject matter expert on the inner workings of the coworking industry. Ese is also the founder and CEO of Work Innovators: a company that delivers managed services in technology, workforce, and workspace solutions.

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Ama Aihie is a sales and marketing associate at Venture X Lewisville – The Realm at Castle Hills. She is an avid reader with a passion for writing. Ama often writes pieces concerning real-world issues, and she’s an expert on writing anything from business or politics to fiction novels or personal experiences.

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