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How are your 2020 resolutions working out for you?

It’s 2020! The year for clarity with the help of a little hindsight, or at the very least, a brand-new opportunity to live life to the fullest. Many of us use a new yearly digit-change – or 2 in the case – to effervesce about the potential this new span of time brings and to lay bare the previous year’s shortcomings. We hold the turning of a new year up as a make-or-break moment, meticulously scrutinizing the ways in which we feel we can “do better” this year. And while that tradition may seem refreshing on its face, it can also be a means of setting ourselves up for disappointment in unnecessary ways. If this resolution sounds familiar, it’s probably because at some point in years passed you were compelled to look at your life or your business or relationship and think: “How should I improve my life?” Of course, in essence this implies, to yourself more than anyone, that you weren’t doing things “right” in the first place. It’s an unforgiving diagnosis especially for entrepreneurs or small business owners learning the ropes as they go.

Instead, turn your New Year resolution into a celebration of your achievements. Write down your accomplishments, your proud moments and acknowledge your growth over the past year. If you made a commitment the year before that never quite came to fruition – that’s okay! You likely weren’t sitting around twiddling your thumbs, so try to not be so harsh on yourself. Sure, resolutions can help keep us in a forward motion, but by being more fluid and more forgiving, we allow life to happen alongside our goals. The basic message is this: If you want to enhance your quality of life while maximizing your potential, you need to show yourself some love. If focus is a consistent issue, maybe you need a coworking space to limit your distractions while providing a robust network to reach out to for advice. Here in Naples, Florida, Venture X offers a range of membership types, so you can pick and choose what works best for you with a long-term commitment – because who knows what life will throw at you this year!

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