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Marissa Mayer Brings Employees Back to the Office

We are in a new generation of working, yet Marissa Mayer seems to be stepping back to the old generation. Despite the discussions and topics on how working from home or working remotely makes employees happier and more productive, Marissa Mayer seems to think otherwise. In my fathers and even grandfathers generation, working a 40 hour week, and clocking in was required by everyone.

Working remotely in those days was not an option, due to lack of technology and personal opinions. However, times have changed and the age of the remote worker is skyrocketing and corporations are saving money by not having to house all of their employees on company property.

Many corporations send employees home or to a cowork facility. Not only does this save money, it also allows them to not feel so cramped or worn down by the corporate cubicle. Sending employees to a nearby coworking space has many benefits. First, its cheaper than hosting them in your office.

Second, they get to interact with other people and brainstorm. Third, it allows them to still have a physical office space where they can put their head down and be productive. Do I feel that Marissa Mayer is making a mistake? Not sure.

Do I think she is making a wise decision? I’m not sure about that either. Only time will tell. However, I do know that the employees who were lazy outside of the office will also be lazy inside the office.

She will definitely need to clean up shop. I view it as a recent college graduate. Students who work hard, study and try their best, will normally succeed and graduate on time. Those students didn’t have to go to the library or have a college professor watching them at all times.

People who want to succeed, will try their best and work hard (in most cases). Whatever the outcome is, I am excited to see if this will boost or hinder Yahoo’s rankings alongside Google and Microsoft.

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