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Member Spotlight – Martin Pahnke

Changing the perception of the office environment, coworking spaces continue to grow in popularity.  Loosening the ties associated with corporate profiles, coworking spaces appeal to tech startups, design firms, health and fitness companies, law practices, marketing outfits and yes, even accounting firms. For anyone who wants to make the most of their work places, coworking spaces foster inspiration and collaboration where networking comes with the territory.

Venture X salutes SWFL Marketing Group

Venture X Naples is just the kind of place where office space meets upscale hotel lobby and contemporary industrial loft design. Members enjoy concierge services and a multitude of different spaces to hatch new ideas or work out the final details of their latest projects. Our membership represents a broad spectrum of Naples’ diverse business community. This month, our member spotlight shines on a Southwest Florida marketing company, SWFL Marketing Group partner and lead advisor, Martin Pahnke.

B2B Marketing Solutions

Self-employed for over thirty years, Martin and Karen Pahnke, originally from Toronto, Canada, have been providing their business customers with marketing solutions since 2008, primarily in the realm of logo merchandise and branded apparel. As owners of an independent company, the Pahnkes realized substantial opportunities lay in the B2B (business to business) arena, helping other companies build brand awareness and enhancing their customers’ marketing efforts altogether. Martin said that the most rewarding aspect of his job is coming up “with a solution to a customer’s objectives, seeing that plan implemented and getting the feedback afterwards.”

One opportunity leads to another

Meeting a future business partner in 2003 inspired the Pahnkes to move to Florida. While that partnership did not work out as planned, “my wife and I made our home here and are enjoying every day,” Martin told us. When asked about the biggest challenge SWFL Marketing Group has faced and how the company overcame it, Pahnke shared that, initially, getting into the promotional marketing industry during the economic downturn, SWFL faced growth challenges. “Getting actively involved in local chambers of commerce and delivering consistent quality to our customers has supported steady growth of our business,” member Pahnke said.

Venture X Naples is intrinsically community focused

Not unlike chambers of commerce, Venture X Naples connects local businesses and supports community involvement. Believing that we work better as a community than alone, we host networking events at Venture X that promote community connectivity. Plus, Venture X Naples, located in Mercato, the happening heart of Naples’ downtown, features many top-notch dining and entertainment venues. When you and your team need a break from work or when you want to entertain and make a great impression on new clients, Mercato never disappoints. Working in such a great neighborhood inspires small business owners and their teams. Enjoying your work place, without the overhead costs and maintenance of maintaining an office space in a great location does wonders to clear the way towards staying focused on your work.

Coworking spaces help keep workers focused on their goals

Studies have shown that people who work in coworking spaces are more likely to up their game and achieve their business goals. With an open, collaborative vibe, Venture X celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit. When like-minded people get together, good things happen. Comparing notes with competitors helps build healthy relationships among the coworking members and works to create a stronger industry presence. On an individual level, Martin says he’s “a multi-tasking person by habit and if it [some tasks] takes more than a few minutes, much of what I do doesn’t get done.” Pahnke credits his coworker and wife, Karen, for “helping me with this personally and in business.” Working alongside other multi-taskers and staying on point is one of the many benefits of coworking at Venture X Naples.

Dream big and surround yourself with positive people

Sharing knowledge and insights is a big part of the scene at Venture X Naples which often leads to successful collaborations in the coworking environment.  When asked what business tips member Pahnke wanted to share with other small business owners and entrepreneurs, Pahnke offered these insights: “Dream big, continue to learn, get around positive people and deliver on your promises.”

At Venture X Naples, we lean into that advice with many common areas to foster collaboration, such as our lounge area, an open space to relax and mingle that can also host 75 guests or our diner-style kitchen where members can use our full kitchen to whip up something scrumptious and a café where you can grab a bite and socialize. Then there’s our patio when a little sunshine couldn’t hurt.

Great staff attitude and social events

A member since 2014, Pahnke’s favorite part about working at Venture X Naples includes “the great attitude of the staff and the social events that are set up for us.” Here to assist you with plans and membership options, as well as answering any other questions that may arise, our staff act like hotel concierges, helping you anyway we can.

Venture X Naples hits the spot

Seems that Venture X Naples makes the perfect coworking office space for Pahnke and SWFL Marketing Group for the many reasons that coworking has become an international phenomenon: Open, collaborative spaces that foster community and help inspire startups and small businesses towards success. Also, as Pahnke put it, “It’s a great place to go between appointments and to meet up with people.”

For fun, Martin Pahnke likes to unwind by “boating, travel, working out and just hanging out with friends.” Here, at Venture X Naples, we’re going out on a limb to conjecture that Martin Pahnke doesn’t mind Naples’ beautiful world-famous beaches, just five minutes from the office, either.

To learn more about the membership opportunities available at Venture X Naplesgive us a call today. We’d love to have you visit us and take a tour!

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