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Not Your Average Office Space

Jul 18, 2013 | Blog

Networking, Collaboration and Support

Let’s face it, office spaces have been around since…well…since the first service based business I suppose. However, office space has not always been the same. It is continuing to revolutionize while it attempts to stay up to date with how businesses are functioning. Venture X is not your traditional office space or executive center, it is much more than that. Typically, an office space is a place where one would go to, close the door and get some work done. If that’s all you are going to do there, you might as well work from home and save some money. Networking This is where Venture X is different. At Venture X, we have private offices, shared workspaces and social areas that give businesses the best opportunity for collaboration. Every business knows, the best way to market is to network. Well, at Venture X, we make sure that comes naturally. We make sure not to focus purely on one type of industry. We love the fact that attorneys, web designers, marketers and architects all place their office here. It is not only an enjoyable environment, but a highly valuable one for the members. Collaboration Imagine sitting down at your traditional office and you realize your website is down, or you run into a tax problem, or even a legal issue. I’m sure we have ALL been there! So what do you do? Open up Google, search for web designers, accountants and attorneys. Call them, make an appointment, wait a day, then drive to go see them. At Venture X, those issues can get resolved within minutes. You walk down the hall or across the office and ask for some advice. Of course you may have to set up an appointment with them, but you have confidence and ease of mind that there’s a skilled professional waiting to help you out, right down the hall. Support If you have ever worked for a small business or even for yourself, then you know it’s not the easiest thing to do. You have to rely on yourself to get everything done, which can be a real pain. You may lay in bed at night and wonder what the next day will throw at you or even stay up awake while you’re stressing out. From what I have heard and experienced, that is what the typical small business goes through. It’s perfectly normal to worry/stress about your business. I’m sure Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Henry Ford all experienced the same thing as they ran their business. One of the most powerful things at Venture X is support! Everyone needs someone to talk to, someone to vent to, someone to feed ideas off of. When you know you have other businesses around you that support you and cheer you on, it feels so much better! It re-energizes you and gets you through the day. If a member is going through a rough spot in business, it’s almost guaranteed that someone else has been through the exact same situation before. Don’t believe us? Try us out. If you are looking for an office space for your business or even to relocate out of the traditional executive centers, then give us a try! 

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