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One Year in a Coworking Space – How it Can Help Your Business

Nov 27, 2018 | Blog

It seems that coworking spaces have made inroads into all workplace scenarios today. Initiated as a way for startups and entrepreneurs to sort out their business plans and work around other interesting, like-minded professionals, coworking spaces offer something for everyone, so it seems.  Small companies with a couple of employees can turn into a company with eighty employees, ready to make the move to open an office of their own. Instagram, Uber, and Spotify, among other mega companies, all started in coworking spaces. Other corporations are finding a niche in coworking spaces, as well. What can a coworking space do for your company in a year’s time? Plenty.

Easy to launch from a coworking space

Most companies and individuals just bringing their visions to life don’t feel the need to throw all of their efforts and a scary amount of money into sourcing an appropriate office space, building out a space and keeping up with the day-to-day of running and maintaining an independent office.

Save so much time and money getting up and running

Not only do young companies get a pass on deciding how they want to look when they grow up, but they also don’t have to worry about who will keep up with the coffee, water, and amenities they need for each day at the office. Ultimately, businesses working out of a coworking space save a ton of money, time and energy getting on their feet.

For larger established companies

Saving money on office overheads works great for new companies but coworking spaces are also popular with large companies, as they can save money not opening branch offices, as well as saving money not flying people into their corporate headquarters. Satellite offices work well in coworking spaces, where corporations can schedule a space for monthly meetings or provide a place for teams to work on a daily basis, with flexible monthly contracts.

Flexible monthly contracts let you grow at your own rate

Eliminating rigid, long-term leases can allow companies to grow organically, not restricted to fashioning their businesses around a space they may outgrow. Purchasing equipment and the most current technology, plus installing and setting up technology becomes a non-issue, saving on those giant purchases until you can actually afford them. Coworking spaces feature laser-fast Internet with all of the technology you need to run a business figured into monthly contracts.

Connecting to the community

Working at a coworking space for a year connects you not only to other business professionals in your area but the entire community as a whole. Building relationships with other coworking members can lead to new client introductions and/or potential team members for your business.


Networking events at coworking spaces go with the territory and help businesses grow, as well as providing social networking opportunities for members. Business-oriented workshops can provide insights into something you just can’t quite wrap your brain around about your business and connect you to other members who’ve been down that same road and are willing to share their experiences. Some coworking spaces offer their community areas as event spaces outside of business hours, providing an excellent venue for product launches and other promotional events for your business, with full-service kitchens for catered events.

Healthy food on the premises and catered in

A lot of coworking spaces feature their own full-service cafes and some provide catering every day or on certain days. Readily available, healthy food choices can keep teams on track when needed and can offer a way to relax and take a break from working.

Recruiting team members

Because coworking spaces offer a look into how people work, they are valuable over a year’s time in connecting you to the people you want on your team. When you already know someone’s work ethics and abilities, you can approach them for services you need and don’t want to master, such as web design, photography for your website, marketing, SEO content writing for your blog, and other various components you will find you need as your company begins to grow.


The motivating atmosphere in coworking spaces can get creative juices flowing and after getting to know other members, ideas for other companies may hatch into a business when members’ talents converge. Your best idea yet may come to light with the help of another member’s perspective.

Learning about your surroundings

If it’s your dream to find the perfect space for your company when you’re ready to move out on your own, you can take advantage of your coworking friends’ knowledge about good neighborhoods, buildings to avoid, nearby dining, shopping and entertainment venues and other things, such as parking availability in different areas.

Coworking going strong

Remarkably, coworking spaces grew from one space in 2005 to 14,411 spaces today, according to an article. Once a trend bunking traditional office environments, coworking spaces have changed the way we do business. So well-received, large companies are taking advantage of the flexibility coworking spaces offer, with low overheads, well-appointed surroundings, and monthly contracts.

Join us at Venture X

Venture X makes a great starting place for your small company to get its feet wet, as you develop your company into a business that needs its own space. Spending a year or so at Venture X, you’ll be rubbing elbows with an impressive list of business owners from many industries, including tech innovators, financial planners, health and fitness publishers, independent attorneys, healthcare professionals, marketing pros, as well as freelance designers, photographers, writers and others, all working together in an atmosphere that inspires productivity and collaboration. Come grow with us at a Venture X location near you. Contact us to request a tour!

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