As the coworking space movement grows, many businesses are looking to use sustainable practices in their office or workplace environment.

While it is essential for companies to reduce energy consumption and practice eco-friendly habits, sustainability goes beyond just conserving resources – promoting a culture of shared responsibility that starts from the top down within an organization.

Venture X looks at some practical ways you can promote sustainability in your coworking office space to help create a more positive working experience for everyone involved.

Five Ways to Promote Sustainability in Your Coworking Office Space

Promoting sustainability in a coworking office space is essential to creating a thriving, collaborative workplace. It is not only beneficial for the environment, but it can also lead to cost savings, improved employee morale and satisfaction, and increased productivity.

Choose a Coworking Environment That Embraces Natural Light

The best way to start on the right foot in your journey toward sustainability is in the selection of your workspace. One of the critical design factors you should consider when choosing your new office space should be the lighting.

natural light in private office

Does the space use way too much artificial light, or does it incorporate natural light into the design of the space through skylights or other sun-catching windows?

Save Paper and Leverage Technology

Does your team go through a massive amount of printed-out documentation and correspondence? Consider switching to more environmentally friendly practices that leverage the vast amount of technology at our disposal.

For example, keep track of and store documents using Google Drive and Docs. Not only will you save paper, but your processes will be far more efficient and organized. You can also use project management software like Asana and Teamwork to keep track of tasks and projects.

Help Implement a Recycling Program

If your coworking environment doesn’t already have one, we recommend that you help implement a recycling program in your office space. Offering bins labeled for different types of waste materials (paper/cardboard/plastic) will make it easier for everyone participating in the shared office space to contribute towards reducing landfill waste and increasing recycling-rate percentages.

recycling program

Bring Your Own Coffee Cups

Did you know that over 50 billion coffee cups are disposed of annually in the US? Suppose your coworking offices make use of disposable coffee cups. In that case, your company can dramatically reduce this figure by making sure to bring your own coffee cups into the office daily.

Consider a Virtual Office Membership

One of the best ways to reduce your carbon emissions is to avoid commuting to work every day. This is one of the main reasons Venture X locations offer virtual office membership plans.

When you join Venture X with a virtual office plan, you’ll gain access to a professional business address, along with many other perks, while still working out of the comfort of your home.

Join the Venture X Community

If you require a large office for rent, look no further than Venture X. We offer various membership plans that cater to a wide range of teams and professionals. Our boutique, hotel-style hospitality, and eco-conscious office space designs are what make us a leader in the coworking movement.

Are you ready to join the future of workspace with Venture X? Contact us today for more information.

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