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The Future of Office Space

Jun 25, 2013 | Blog

At Venture X, we consider our members ahead of the curve. The future of office space is radically changing, and changing quick! “If you don’t change direction, you will inevitably end up where you are going. However, at the end of the day, facts do not change…people change.

Today one of the most remarkable changes is occurring within the office sector. It is not only transforming workplace environments, it is reinventing the way office buildings are developed, how office space is configured and how the traditional office is giving way to a new, collaborative workplace setting.” – Real Estate Insights.

The number one thing that the new generations want is freedom to work the way they want. According to Real Estate Insights, “Forty percent of college students in a recent Cisco study “would accept a lower-paying job” if the employer offered “more flexibility with device choice, social media and mobility.” According to a survey by Deloitte, of 1,400 CFOs, 46% of respondents replied that telecommuting is second only to compensation as the best way to attract talent. By 2016, 43% of the U.S. workforce (63 million or so) is expected to telecommute.

This new way of working isn’t solely for entrepreneurs.

Fortune 500 companies are changing as well. American Express said that 20% of their employees are remote workers. In fact at Venture X, we have a few members that are remote workers for some of the top companies in the world. Venture X members are early adopters to this new way of working. They have realized that being stuck in a traditional office all alone does not work.

They are willing to break down the four walls and have the ability to work flexibly. At Venture X, we do offer private offices for those who need privacy, yet still want to be apart of the amazing work environment. If you are stuck in the old traditional way of working, we encourage you to just try out the new ways of working. Get ahead of the curve like Venture X members have, what are you waiting for?!

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