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Feb 21, 2013 | Blog

There seems to be a misinterpretation of who can work out of a coworking space. Many people who are new to the coworking concept seem to believe only tech companies can use them. To answer that doubt, we want to announce that coworking is for every type of industry.

Coworking is a new aged version of executive suites. A place where people not only run their companies, but have the ability to collaborate and build long term relationships. Currently at Venture X, we have many different industries represented including web designers, attorneys, realtors, internet marketers, bookkeepers, non-profits, artists, film producers and more. The best part about coworking is that most of these companies wouldn’t even know of each other unless they were working in the same facility.

They now build relationships, use each other services, refer each other and grow. Within our space, we have seen this referral happen many times. We have bookkeepers who have received business by having their company listed on our website. We have had film producers receive numerous contracts just by sitting here and someone asking for them.

We have seen our attorneys and internet marketers work together to help grow business…(we could go on forever). One of the most popular parts about coworking, at least here in Naples, is the affordability. Having a full time office space for only $249/month with no contracts is hard to find anywhere else.

You simply pay for what you need and skip on what you don’t. If you haven’t given coworking a shot, I suggest doing so today. Find the closest coworking space near you and try it out! Get out of your home office, your executive suite and start working where the future is heading.

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