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The Power of Co Branding

May 31, 2013 | Blog

Today we have a guest blogger from Lennon Content Group, Becci Goodall. “A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about why I chose to park Lennon Content Group in a local shared workspace called Venture X in Naples, Florida. I laid out all the ways I found concrete value in this collaborative work space. You know, the nuts and bolts of things like saving money on Starbucks and gas.

Like the way it was easier to concentrate on client work without my slobbering dogs and giant linebacker of a son disrupting my brain space at 3 in the afternoon. And then of course there’s the sexy stuff like the fact that I feel the vibe of Steve Jobs when I’m negotiating a contract in the Silicon Valley conference room or the fact that when the sun glints off the sleek metal chairs and blonde wood tables I feel like Brad Pitt could stroll through at any minute with his five o’clock shadow and Angelina.

It’s just. That. Hip.

And despite my lack of fashion sense and nerd soul I can’t help myself…the hip indie underground factor is just so damned attractive. It’s like right at the first curve of the tipping point when only people in the know are here in this hopper of genius. Inventors. Architects. App developers. Brilliant attorneys. A magazine publisher. Code developers. Artists. Film. Writers. Software experts.

Needless to say the conversation around the Keurig is NEVER boring. And while all of that is what kick starts my days, I am first and foremost building a business that must support my family. I, like everyone in this building, am an entrepreneur in the truest sense. I’ve put everything I have on the line to start my business.

So when I tell you that Venture X is a methodical part of my plan to become wealthy I say it with all seriousness and intent. So now I bet you’re thinking…yeah right. Propaganda. Whatever.

As someone who grew up dirt poor I know the value of a tribe. I know that the relationships you build and leverage are those that will keep you from starving. I see those same traits bonding us together at Venture X. We are becoming a tribe of entrepreneurs and I love it! I see it. It’s primal. It’s how we survive and better yet thrive.

The only reason it feels edgy and new to us is that our parents and their parents lived in an economy that was good for so long that there was no need. They walled themselves off in corner offices doing and grabbing and building for themselves. Well, that doesn’t work in this new world order. New startups and entrepreneurs are insisting on doing things differently.

We are co branding and co working. We are collaborating and sourcing work to one another. We see and know that our success depends upon us using innovation, technology and new ways of doing things to succeed. Ok. So I always hate blogs that talk from the Ivory Tower of theory.

So here’s a couple of examples of how this works and is working every day in our shared work space.

Michelle Bullock of is an efficiency expert specializing in software training and efficieny consultant for Realtors. She is amazing. Her clients rave about how they can’t remember how they ever got along without her. So now that her clients are streamlined they’re ready to begin a Social Media Marketing campaign with blogging and optimized content. Well…Michelle can write but it’s not her best talent so she sources the writing to me. I in turn source my Real Estate Clients to her for what she does best. In the long run the client best value for fair market price. Happy clients=high retention rates=growth=two happy mama’s.

Tim Houghten the publisher of G-code, an entrepreneurial faith based magazine is hosting his launch party at Venture X. He’s reached out to all of us to come network and share space in his magazine by co branding and sharing resources. He has many contacts all over the world which he shares with open arms. He is at the heart of this trend of anti hoarding that Seth Godin talks about in his blog. Tim agrees with this and says that “The old mindset of locking out others while guarding your resources and backstabbing other entrepreneurs to make a quick buck are gone. Corporate espionage might exist at a high level, but it’s those who embrace social change, sourcing and collaboration that are seeing the fastest growth and reaping the biggest rewards.” In turn I am writing some stuff for Tim and he is co-branding with my company. Win-win!

In another instance Jason Hargrave, the principal partner of Internet Economy Solutions at offers boutique Internet Marketing Services with a focus on collaboration between technology professionals. Basically, he finds the best of the best in technology and then sources the work to the experts. His business thrives and the end result for his clients is perfection. We all strengthen as we grow our resources together. I could go on and on with these examples. Just today I had a conversation with Michael Weisgerber, an analyst who provides accounting, administrative and financial services for a private equity real estate umbrella.

We were talking about how the way of doing things the traditional way no longer works or feels right. He said “Unlike previous times, there are no more black and white paths or formulas to success. I believe that we must do what feels right and always be true to ourselves.” He went on to say that he thrives in the Venture X atmosphere. “I love this…I really feel like I can be myself here and do my best work.” Finally, I want to say that anyone with money can build a sleek and sexy bat cave. What truly sets Venture X apart is the spirit of the founders. Brett and David Diamond set out to create a truly collaborative work space.

Every day I see Brett sharing knowledge and encouraging co branding opportunities between members. If you create or invent something with your business Brett is the first to start up the chatter to get the word out. If you come to him with a co branding opportunity he figures out a way to make it work. Every day you’ll find him in conversation with members discussing ways to innovate, share and co brand. When David Diamond is in the house you’ll find him in conversation with members.

He truly wants to know what we’re up to and how the Venture X experience is growing our business. And so while I am still shallow enough to really dig that hip Warhol vibe, what feeds me, what keeps me going is my Venture X Tribe. And now having said all of that I want to say keep your eyes peeled on Venture X Social media for an upcoming underground collaborative event which will be co branded between Venture X, Lennon Content Group and XIA, Inc. Think Art. Think Edge. Think co creativity. Think collaboration!” If you would like to be apart of this co branding and see what it’s like to work beside other professionals such as Becci, Michelle, Tim and Jason then come check us out!

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