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Tips for Entrepreneurs: Think Creatively

Aug 26, 2015 | Blog

The most successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common – they are able to think creatively, not only in developing their initial product or service idea, but in every step of the business process from startup to maturity. With that being said, thinking more creatively is easier said than done, and even the most motivated business people will often get stuck. Here are some tips to help you start thinking more creatively: Stop Brainstorming. This might seem counterintuitive as brainstorming is one of the most widely-known ways to come up with new ideas. However, Jonah Lehrer, author of the best-selling book Imagine: How Creativity Works, suggests that the issue with brainstorming is that you are not supposed to criticize. Criticism is crucial if you want to come up with good ideas, and without it, your ideas cannot effectively take shape. Collaborate! Though it is very easy to get caught up in your own ideas, collaboration is a great way to see things from a new perspective. Though team collaboration is great for generating and refining new ideas, it can also be helpful to go outside of your immediate team. This is one of the reasons that working in a coworking space is so beneficial. It allows you to collaborate with others outside of your industry to make new connections and gain important insight. Get feedback and analyze your results. One thing that often holds entrepreneurs back from success in the creative process is when they overlook getting feedback on important decisions. The only constant in the business world is change, so reviewing and adjusting decisions that you have made previously is essential to creative business thinking which leads to success. Grow Your Business in a Southwest Florida Co-working Space Changing your perspective and thinking outside of the box are important for promoting creative thinking in the business world. A co-working space in Naples may be just the change you need to start thinking more creatively. Venture X offers affordable monthly membership plans for flexible Naples office space. With a variety of package options, we have the perfect co-working and virtual office solutions for everyone. If you would like more information about our services or would like to take a tour of the facility, contact us now.

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