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Venture X Marlborough’s Owner Receives Business Person of the Year Award

MARLBOROUGH – Venture X is a hotel lobby style, flexible office space with lounge areas, private offices, and many amenities for business to utilize.

 Ryan Gagne, the owner of Venture X Marlborough, picked Marlborough as his Venture X location in June of 2018 and started construction that October.

 Gagne went to college at Bridgwater State University with a degree in finance. Gagne also spent time in the Marines and felt that it taught him a lot about how to “take on any task or problem and solve it… you learn very quickly that there’s no challenge that can’t be accomplished.” After his time in the Marines, Gagne worked in global banking with currency trading for almost 20 years. 

 Gagne has worked in “just about every type of office environment for small scale offices to large scale trading floors” and many more. Gagne even worked at home for a while, sometimes at his kitchen tables and sometimes in a closed-door office. All these experiences gave Gagne the ability to understand and connect with anyone who seeks office space at Venture X.

He purchased his Venture X location because he wanted to get out of global banking and the strain it put on him with travel. Gagne felt that he just “needed a change.”

 A business broker told Gagne about Venture X and he knew if he could just find the right location to open his own and make the change for his life he’d been craving.

 Gagne said that Marlborough became his top choice because “the city of Marlborough is very pro-business and they were super helpful when it came to making the choice.” 

 One of the reasons Gagne chose Venture X was the incredible atmosphere the Venture X design team had created. All the Venture X locations are very modern and welcoming. Gagne shared that this design is a “multi-million dollar design… I could’ve done this myself but it wouldn’t have come out to as beautiful as it does.”

Gagne feels that another great part about being part of the Venture X chain is that people know the brand and know that no matter what location they go to, the level of quality they’ll receive remains the same.

 Right now, Venture X’s goal is to “be the third-largest, co-working, flexible office space business by the end of 2021.” 

 Recently, Gagne was honored by the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce as its 2020 “Business Person of the Year.”

 Every year, the award is given to someone who has made an impact in the area’s business community.

 Gagne was nominated by his peers for this award within the chamber and elected by those same peers. It clear to see Gagne has made a big impact in the few years as a business owner in Marlborough.

Meredith Harris, the Executive Director of the Malborough Economic Development Corporation stated that “We are thrilled to have Venture X in Marlborough, especially under Ryan Gagne’s leadership. Venture X allows for entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their company and experience what Marlborough has to offer. We have seen several companies start out at Venture X and eventually choose Marlborough as their home. We are grateful to Ryan for his partnership and willingness to introduce us to clients when they are considering Marlborough as a permanent location.” 

Gagne said winning this award was “an awesome feeling… I joined the chamber in late 2018 when we started the construction and immediately they [the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce] not only open-armed welcomed me to the chamber but… they wanted to help which is amazing.”

 Being part of such an amazing community during his first year as a Marlborough business owner truly helped provide Gagne with incredible resources to help him along his way.

 Gagne feels “this award… is a capstone to my first year here in Marlborough but definitely is merely one of the building blocks for what’s to come.”
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