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Virtual Office Space: Expand Your Business to New Locations

Jul 8, 2015 | Blog

Expanding your business to new locations can be an exciting way to take advantage of promising opportunities and watch your company grow. But how do you branch out to new areas without testing your budget? A virtual office space can be a great way to establish your business in a new location without the costs of a typical office space.

Take Your Virtual Office Anywhere

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of using a virtual office space to expand your business to new locations is the fact that your options are limitless. Even if you do not plan to physically visit the area very often, you can still have a professional business address in nearly any location that you plan to expand to.

Many virtual offices offer more than just a mailing address and reception services. For instance, Venture X also offers meeting room packages that allow businesses in virtual offices to use the conference room space to hold meetings with clients. These options are great for businesses that need a space to meet with clients in the new area, but do not want to take on the costs of renting monthly office space.

Local SEO Benefits

If your business is looking to enter a new specific market area, a virtual office space offers another benefit: local search engine optimization. For example, a client of ours operates out of Bonita Springs, but is also looking to target Naples businesses with their services online. Through opening a virtual office space in Naples with us, they’re able to establish a Naples address, allowing them to increase their listings in search engines for their services in Naples.

Reduce the Risk of Expansion

There are a lot of factors that business owners need to consider when expanding their company. A virtual office space helps reduce some of these risks and provides an environment that is conducive to success:

  • Test the market – There is always some adjustment period when expanding your business in a new location. A virtual office allows you to test the market without committing to a lease.
  • Keep costs low – A virtual office helps you keep costs down while you gain footing in the new area. Lower operating costs reduce your risk of stretching your finances too thin when you first expand.
  • Bring on new employees – Many companies who expand into new areas find themselves needing to hire additional employees. Not being tied down to a physical office helps you bring on new employees with ease.

Find a Virtual Office in Naples, FL

Are you looking to expand your business in Southwest Florida? A virtual office is the perfect solution for affordable business expansion. A virtual office from Venture X provides your company with a professional Naples business address without the large overhead of running a full-time office.

Our Basic and Platinum virtual office packages offer you a variety of options for virtual office without a monthly lease. If you need more meeting room time to meet with your clients, we also offer conference and meeting room packages with hourly, daily, or monthly rates.

If you are ready to expand your business in Southwest Florida, contact us today about our affordable virtual office space.

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