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What to Look for in a Flexible Office Space?

Owner of Venture X Marlborough details four features prospective members should consider. 
By Venture X Marlborough – Apex Center, Patch Contributor 
Feb 18, 2020 4:45 pm ET

Over the last half decade, coworking spaces have taken the world by storm. Their rise in popularity has been meteoritic, and data suggests no signs of it slowing down. In fact, flexible office spaces will host an estimated 5.1 million members globally come 2022. 

The question isn’t whether or not coworking is here to stay, but rather, what should people considering a flexible office space be looking for from a potential provider? 

As owner of Venture X Marlborough – a premium, membership-based workspace and community located inside the Apex Center of a New England complex – I understand no two members are the same. However, no matter if you’re an individual in need of a viable office option to run your business or a large corporation searching for a sensible virtual office, there are a few key factors to consider before signing on the dotted line. 

When weighing options for a coworking space, people have expectations on how it should look and feel. At the end of the day, this is a place to get work done, and the importance a well-designed space plays in accomplishing that endeavor cannot be understated. 

That’s why we worked with leaders in workspace design to help us produce an upscale, industrial loft-looking space tailored to the design preferences of today’s workforce. To give our location the blended comfort and feel of a boutique hotel and modern office, we furnished our space with help from Herman Miller: an innovative leader in contemporary interior design. 

The result is a dynamic and beautiful workspace that’s both welcoming and professional. When members come into our space, they can see the unparalleled purpose in our design and, more importantly, how it can serve as a home to help their business reach new heights.

Space Versatility 
For so long, coworking has been pigeonholed as something built primarily for tech companies or Silicon Valley-esque startups, but flexible office spaces should be just as diverse as the members working inside of them. 

At Venture X Marlborough, we’re able to appeal to a wide range of professionals – solopreneurs, freelancers, remote teams and large corporations – because we can provide viable, world-class office options for each of their specialized needs. Our location features fully equipped and spacious meeting rooms, virtual offices, private offices, shared desks, individual desks and a community area. Additionally, the flexibility of our space gives us the opportunity to implement innovative features to meet new business models, which is exactly what we did with our podcast studio we unveiled earlier this month. 

No matter their needs, Venture X members are presented with a versatile workspace that inspires collaboration just as much as it encourages privacy. 

The way people work is changing, and with it, a demand for more innovative amenities.
Take technology for instance; mobile devices, cloud computing and social networking have completely reinvented the modern workspace. At Venture X Marlborough, these realities have fueled our investment in a comprehensive and refined IT infrastructure that, among other things, provides reliable, unlimited and ultra-fast internet access for members. All our rooms and communal spaces are also equipped with the latest tech – like our “smart” meeting rooms complete with cutting-edge video conferencing hardware – to ensure members are just as connected and accessible as their customers.

Accessibility is more than providing members with new-age advancements, though. It also includes rewarding age-old characteristics, like work ethic and commitment. That’s why we feature 24/7 keycard access to our space accompanied by 24-hour security surveillance – understanding traditional business hours aren’t traditional for all businesses. 

Additionally, located inside the 47-acre Apex Center, our Marlborough space is conveniently reachable from any direction. With two brand-name hotels, four fitness facilities, 12 restaurants, eight bars, two banks, salons, medical facilities, a trampoline park, go-cart racing, a bowling alley and axe throwing, our 135,000 sq. ft. office building helps drive traffic to the area and solidifies Marlborough’s reputation as a hub. 

Whether it’s the big things, like state-of-the-art tech, or the things that rightly go unnoticed, such as never having to pay for coffee or snacks, flexible office spaces like Venture X should feature amenities its members actually care about. 

Who You’re Working With 
No matter where your business is at in its lifecycle, people want to work with other people. The peace of mind that comes from having an owner onsite, readily available to answer questions or address situations in real time is invaluable.

The reality is, action stems from the top, and that’s why as the owner of Venture X Marlborough, I pride myself on being there for our members. If they have feedback they would like to share or new ideas that would optimize the space, we can have a face-to-face conversation the same day and discuss a strategic plan of action to get it done. 

The commitment involved with getting to know members, not only their business but who they are and what they need, is a rare kind of concierge service other coworking providers simply cannot support. Because of Venture X’s focus and business design, however, owners like myself are given the distinct opportunity to work on the front lines with members to develop more meaningful relationships to help them achieve their business goals in a more effective manner.

At Venture X, you’re not just investing in something, you’re also investing in someone. 

For professionals and companies looking for a unique and sophisticated flexible workspace, Venture X Marlborough has spaces of all sizes still available. 

Space is filling up quickly, though, so readers are encouraged to visit as soon as possible to book their tour and get their free day pass.

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