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Why Coworking is the Future of Work

Dec 28, 2021 | Blog

Throughout history we have witnessed the evolution of business. From the advent of the mercantile system in Europe to the industrial revolution to the current digital age, work is constantly evolving. At one point, work was associated with factories and large glass office buildings. However, as freelancers and entrepreneurs are eager to point out, the next revolution of work moves people out of these glass towers and into coworking spaces. In the next decade, coworking is going to be the next great business evolution.

Ease in Building New Connections

While glass towers seem prestigious, they limit companies through their inherent self-containment. People work with each other, but they rarely venture outside their company or even department in some cases. Instead, coworking spaces provide an environment for people in completely different industries to build connections. Connections that spark creativity Thanks to coworking, networking now takes place in the space instead of at an after-hours get together.

Flexible Setting for Work

The days of the cubicle are rapidly coming to an end. Today, people seek a sense of community at work. Hence, the rise of the open office concept. However, just because an open office is a floorplan doesn’t make it an ethos. Coworking spaces are the epitome of an open office. It’s possible to create a space within a coworking space perfectly tailored to personal productivity. Traditional offices require uniformity, but the coworking space fosters flexibility and creativity.

Incubation of Creativity

Many office settings are not places where creativity flourishes. That’s the difference between a traditional office and a coworking space. Coworking spaces are wide open and have unique designs. They’re creative just by their very existence – and this incubated creativity is the reason why people working in coworking spaces solve problems by thinking outside of the box.

The coworking space is where the future of work is headed. By incubating creativity, offering a flexible setting and better networking opportunities, coworking spaces like Venture X are ideally positioned for the future of work.

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