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4 Easy Tips to Optimize Your Private Office Space

December 16, 2022

By Amal Kesrawari

At the end of 2022, you should take some time to reflect on the last 12 months of your life and your business. Do you feel like there’s something more you can do to improve your professional life next year? It can be something as simple as improving your work setting and upgrading your private office design.

Working in a professional environment will positively impact your performance, confidence, and productivity. Being comfortable in your office will make you motivated and inspired to work every day. So, what does your business need?

The modern private offices and resources at Venture X will give you the perfect incentives! Switching from remote work to a private office in Detroit will highly benefit your business in many ways.

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Venture X - Private Office Tips & Solutions

Your office should be your private sanctuary and the main destination for productivity. Venture X has come up with the perfect tips & solutions to help you optimize your office space in Downtown Detroit.

At Venture X Detroit, the perfect location and modern technology come together flawlessly in one place. It all begins with a Detroit private office membership and then you can optimize and personalize your space by following these simple tips:

Calm & Clear Office Space

In order for your brain to be productive, it is very important to be in a clear and quiet space, free of distractions. Many modern-day offices have a simplistic design and very minimal decorations. Having an office plant betters the air quality and helps replenish your focus. People spend longer time in spaces that are well-lit and ventilated. Comfortable temperature control is also essential for you to reach optimal performance.

Calm & Clear Office Space

Venture X Detroit provides each office member with the best furniture and appliances for their office. Each office has brand-new adjustable rolling chairs and desks. Our soundproof walls help minimize distracting external sound.

The offices are spacious and have large windows to let in natural light. To help with avoiding interruptions, every office at Venture X has accessible power outlets in every corner, and high-speed wi-fi always.

Minimize Clutter

Being organized should be the most important priority for every business owner. Having a cluttered desk will negatively impact your mood and productivity. One way to stay organized is by keeping an updated work calendar for all business operations.

Another way is to keep all of your important documents in files that can be stored using filing cabinets. The best way to organize your files is by implementing a system such as alphabetical order.

Minimize Clutter

Venture X offers every office member a key-lockable filing cabinet to keep in their Detriot private office. Each desk comes with 1 cabinet that fits under the desks and rolls around on wheels. This maximizes the space in the office and still allows for a lot of storage.

Just ask a VTX employee about adding a cabinet to your room!

Dry-Erase Marker Boards

Having a dry-erase board In your office is the best decision you’ll ever make. The beauty of them is that they are cheap and easy to clean. They’re great for learning, taking notes, giving presentations, and drawing charts. You can motivate yourself daily by simply writing a motivational quote on the board. A dry-erase board functions as a great display tool for your business.

Dry-Erase Marker Boards

Don’t have enough space in your office to fit a dry-erase board? Not a problem! Venture X has a special paint that can be applied to the walls! After this paint dries completely, your wall now functions exactly like a dry-erase board! You can request a dry-erase wall in your Venture X office to maximize the space!

Standing Office Desks

A major problem for many office workers is constant back and neck pains from sitting down at work for most of the day. Using a standing desk reduces back pain and allows you to adopt a great posture. Standing at work keeps your blood pumping throughout the day. It helps promote alertness and encourages muscle movement.

Venture X Detroit has modern adjustable height standing desks. They’re called “Sit-stand Desks” which are electrically powered to adjust the height of the desk so that you can alternate between sitting and standing. They also have many power outlets and USB ports along them which are super convenient!

Venture X - What We Have to Offer

Venture X Detroit offers our members fully furnished private offices in the heart of Downtown Detroit, with secure building access and many exclusive features. Some of our services include unlimited wi-fi access, coworking spaces, shared desks, printing & scanning services, virtual address & mailbox, telephone booths, reception desk, free coffee/tea, community areas, and high-tech meeting rooms.

Immerse yourself in the future of workspace with Venture X's Hybrid work model!

Learn More About Private Office Membership

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