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Virtual Office Rental in Ashburn

The Virtual Office Rental plan at Venture X

The Optimal Virtual Office Plan for Start-Ups

A virtual office space in Ashburn is a solution for individuals who want to upgrade their business image with a professional and prestigious Class A office space business address that can be used on business cards, a website and other business documents. While you may not need a physical office every day, you will have the ability to reserve a private office or meeting room space as you need it at member rates. Venture X has a professional community and as a virtual office member, you will be included in all member events.

As a Ashburn virtual office member, you'll have access to every Venture X location worldwide, while also reaping the benefits of a local business address in your area. Get started with one of our virtual offices today!

Complimentary Notary Services for Venture X Members

At Venture X, we recognize the importance of convenience and efficiency in today's fast-paced business environment. We offer complimentary notary services to our members, ensuring that document authentication is seamless and effortless. Whether you are closing a deal or finalizing a contract, our on-site notary services save you time and enhance the professional services you provide to your clients. This amenity allows you to focus on your core business activities while adding a layer of credibility and professionalism to your operations.

Our free notary services are particularly beneficial for freelancers, remote workers, and event hosts. By eliminating the need for external appointments, we streamline business processes and simplify the execution of events and meetings. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures that all necessary legal formalities are handled efficiently within the workspace. Venture X is committed to supporting your entrepreneurial journey by providing comprehensive services that enhance your business operations and contribute to your success.

Virtual Office Rental

starting at $40.00/month

Venture X flexes with your business size

What’s Included In a Virtual Office Rental

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Professional Business Address

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Mail Service

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Locked Mailbox

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Live Receptionist Answering

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Day Pass

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Access to Conference Rooms

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Member Discounts

Notary On Site

All the Venture X amenities


Businesses registered with residential or PO box addresses lack the credibility to attract high-value clients. Our Ashburn virtual offices offer you the solution to upgrade your company’s image with a professional and prestigious business address that you can use on your business cards, website, and company documents. Securing a virtual office in new markets can allow you to expand your brand’s serviceable area footprint as well. Our location offers an address and a location in Class A office space portraying your business as an established local company.

  • Use of Professional Mailing Address
  • Improved SEO w/local business address
  • Access to Venture X Offices Worldwide
  • Invites to Member-Only Events
  • Unlimited Mail/Package Reception
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Live Local Customer Support
  • More Options Depending on Level


Our Office Space Hospitality

Our Venture X community at our office space in Ashburn hosts successful businesses that have the opportunity to expand in place or provide professional environments for their remote teams.

Work Without Distractions icon

Work Without Distractions

Focus is contagious, so why not work along sider other productive people. Your work is important: let’s keep it professional. Venture X is geared toward business professionals, providing collaboration and networking opportunities when wanted and private, quiet workspace when needed.

Work From Anywhere icon

Work from Anywhere

We no longer need to be geographically tethered to our offices. Venture X's vast global network of spaces gives your business on-demand access to work wherever it makes the most sense. Struggling with an expensive and exhausting work commute? Why not work closer to home in a Venture X space nearest you? Traveling for work? Use your Venture X membership at any of our locations anywhere in the world!

Flexible Terms and Agile Solutions icon

Flexible Terms and Agile Solutions

Don’t overextend your business by signing a long-term lease for more office space than you really need. Our flexible term memberships give your business the ability to expand and contract when needed. Opt for the plan that works for you now and change your membership plan down the line at the time when it makes most sense for your business.

A Community That Helps Your Business Grow icon

A Community that Helps your Business Grow

You’re going to love where you work! Venture X members and staff want to work here and are excited to be a part of your professional journey. With the growth of your business in mind, our goal is creating a space full of collaborative working opportunities for a community of industry leading professionals.

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Smart Spaces

Venture X offers first-rate internet security technology providing you with peace of mind to focus on what matters most, growing your business. We have a multitude of premium technology services to meet any businesses needs available upon request.