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In the evolving landscape of office space, business professionals are gravitating towards coworking space memberships in lieu of renting or investing in their own brand headquarters. To meet the needs of your clients who are looking for flexible options with turnkey solutions, such as speedy office openings in conjunction with scalable growth options, Venture X offers our Broker Incentive Program with residuals. We strive to help you find simple, yet optimal solutions for your clients’ ever-changing needs. Our lucrative incentive program aims to save you time while you make ongoing commissions.

Why Venture X?

Catering to upscale companies and high-end business professionals, your clients’ employees will enjoy working in Venture X spaces and they will appreciate an impressive space where clients can visit. Sophisticated and contemporary, our spaces feature an upscale design with prestigious furnishings. Other aspects that differentiate us from other coworking spaces include:

  • State-of-the-art technology with private, secure networks
  • Size solutions that appeal to every client, with Private Offices starting at 90 square feet
  • Flexible, expandable options that accommodate up to tens of thousands of square feet
  • Concierge-level services
  • Business class office printers, copiers, and scanners
  • Super-fast Internet
  • Boutique hotel hospitality and many more amenities

Venture X is growing at an accelerated rate, opening many locations around the US, as well as expanding to other countries, allowing your clients access to all of our locations worldwide.

Take a look at our Broker Referral Program

With our incentives, you can:


Receive 10% of membership fees on months 1-12


Receive 2% of membership fees on months 13-36


Receive 10% fee on additional seats during months 1-12 or agreement term

30 Days

Receive payment within 30 days of client signing a membership agreement

Visit a Venture X location to see how our upscale, well-appointed spaces differ from other coworking spaces. We are confident you’ll see why Venture X is the perfect fit for your clients. Schedule a Broker Tour today and learn more about our Broker Incentive Program.

Your clients are going to love working here!

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