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Venture X is your commercial office space solution with flexible terms and the footprint that will work for you. Whether you need a suite of office spaces for enterprises or a full floor, we have cost-saving options that can accommodate teams of all sizes. Our customizable workspaces feature high-end amenities, cutting-edge technology, stylish finishing touches, and event spaces for attending and hosting a variety of functions.

If you’re a corporate occupier looking for coworking spaces for enterprises, we know you require solutions that meet your immediate needs and provide room for collaboration. Whether your company has a few or a large number of employees, Venture X has workspace solutions for enterprises. We can accommodate teams with a turnkey office solution and flexible terms to fit their professional needs.

Companies looking for corporate coworking can start in one office and grow to a team of 100 within 24 hours without committing to all of the space they anticipate they will need upfront. As part of your Enterprise membership, you’ll also be able to leverage an in-house community manager who handles member requests and assists with making sure your events are a success. Additionally, members can access any Venture X common areas worldwide (depending on membership level) and utilize our offices and meeting rooms at member rates.

At Venture X, we grow with your business and support your success.

Venture X

Coworking Office Space

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Traditional Office Space

Unlimited access to a network of locations

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Limited to your own office space

Affordable monthly investment- 1 bill a month

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Expensive monthly investment - several bills a month

No contract or lease agreement

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Long-term commitment required

Endless opportunities for networking & brainstorming

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Limited opportunities for Networking & brainstorming

Flexible space to grow your business as needed

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Committed to size of space

Move-in ready

Cleaning & maintenance service included

Printers, scanners & copiers available

Free coffee, tea, and water

Utilities included, power, internet, cable, etc.

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Expensive monthly investment - several bills a month

If you’re ready to learn more about Venture X and the future of workspace, get in touch with us today to see how you can gain access with a free trial.

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