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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight - Marc Meyer April 03, 2019

Member Spotlight - Marc Meyer

Venture X's premium coworking spaces offer the flexibility that many startups, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses as well as many freelancers need in terms of their workspace. Marc Meyer, a Digital Marketer/Strategist/Consultant for...

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Member Spotlight - Trinh Tran February 27, 2019

Member Spotlight - Trinh Tran

If you're looking for flexibility with your business's workspace, Venture X's coworking spaces offer a great opportunity for startups and businesses in the growing phase that are not ready to commit to a long-term lease. Coworking spaces at Venture...

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Member Spotlight – Cody Cole Brown January 31, 2019

Member Spotlight – Cody Cole Brown

Flexible workspaces are popping everywhere but Venture X's coworking spaces offer businesses amenities unlike any other. When a new business is getting off the ground, Venture X offers a budget-friendly home for businesses across countless...

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Member Spotlight - Scot Duke and Mark Neace January 08, 2019

Member Spotlight - Scot Duke and Mark Neace

Coworking spaces offer countless businesses a home while in the growing phase and really are a budget-friendly way to get things off the ground. Scot Duke and Mark Neace, business partners and members at Venture X Dallas North – Alpha Road, TX....

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Member Spotlight - Lindy Singer November 16, 2018

Member Spotlight - Lindy Singer

Coworking spaces have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years and are the perfect solution for the changing needs of startups and other small businesses. Lindy Singer, a member at Venture X Richardson, TX, is Chief Marketing Officer and...

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Member Spotlight – Anil Nimmagadda February 04, 2018

Member Spotlight – Anil Nimmagadda

Coworking spaces are all the rage and since 2007 have definitely come of age. According to Forbes Magazine, in 2007, "only 14 documented coworking spaces existed in the United States." With the more than 11,000 spaces currently in the US, and more...

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Member Spotlight – Martin Pahnke November 03, 2017

Member Spotlight – Martin Pahnke

Changing the perception of the office environment, coworking spaces continue to grow in popularity.  Loosening the ties associated with corporate profiles, coworking spaces appeal to tech startups, design firms, health and fitness companies, law...

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