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How do coworking spaces work?

Coworking spaces consist of a variety of different types of spaces within one building where individuals and businesses work on an as-needed basis. For some, this means weekdays during traditional office hours but for others, it might just be a few times a week for a couple of hours. Many remote workers, wanting to connect with their local business communities and avoid the distraction and isolation of working from home, find coworking spaces the right fit for their small- to medium-sized businesses. Coworking spaces offer flexibility through monthly membership plans that allow businesses to scale up or down based on their needs.

Most coworking spaces offer plans that range in price from common area workspaces to private office spaces. Basic plans include choosing any open space in a common area to work with access to cafe and lounge areas on a daily or monthly basis. Other plans include more dedicated spaces that act as a set, full-time workspace with a desk, filing cabinet and ergonomic chair. For businesses that need a full-time space to work with more privacy, private office plans provide the space to work on sensitive business initiatives in the seclusion of your own office but also allow your teams access to cafe and lounge common areas. Coworking spaces provide conference and meeting rooms, equipped with all of the audio-visual and business tools needed to produce a professional presentation or to conduct a meeting. Most coworking spaces offer a virtual office plan that includes a professional business address with mail and package handling services but with no physical presence. This is perfect for businesses that don’t need a place to work every day but want a professional address or for businesses looking to expand to new areas.

Some plans allow 24/7 secure access to your coworking location, as well as locations in other cities and countries. Coworking space memberships include a variety of amenities ranging from complimentary coffee, tea, and filtered water to cleaning services and networking events. If you’re interested in scheduling a tour of Venture X, contact the location closest to you today.

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