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What is a shared workspace?

In coworking terms, a shared workspace refers to a location where a number of individuals and businesses utilize the same space. Business owners and independent contractors rent portions of these shared workspaces on an as-needed basis. Shared workspace can consist of any number of lockable, private offices and/or dedicated desk spaces for businesses and contract workers who prefer the same full-time workspace each day. In many coworking companies, members and guests that don’t need as much privacy or only need a space to work one day a week or once a month can choose to work at any open space at designated desk areas. While some shared workspace rentals only provide the space, most coworking spaces, also known as flexible shared workspaces, have gained a foothold as the way many business owners prefer to work, for several reasons.

The turnkey opportunities for startups and small businesses save companies the largely prohibitive expense of opening their own offices, signing a lengthy commercial lease, and outfitting a business with everything they need to run a business. With high-speed Internet, business class office equipment, and a range of amenities, including coffee, tea, and filtered water, business owners have found that working in shared workspaces allows them to focus on their core business issues and growing their business, minus the distractions of managing and maintaining an office of their own. Included in most shared workspace memberships are community events and day-to-day interaction of the shared workspace community that motivates and drives members towards success and collaboration.

If you’re looking for a professional shared workspace for your growing business, we invite you to take a tour of a Venture X location near you.

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