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What makes a good coworking company?

The inspiration you get when you go to work each day is a good indication that you’ve chosen a good coworking company. Other important things to consider include:

  • Community – About that inspiration…Definitely find a coworking space that’s populated with people you resonate with and who motivate you to do your best work. A diverse coworking community should be a welcoming place where creativity fosters innovation. The culture of a coworking community depends on a healthy environment that encourages members to give and take advice, learn from each other, and help each other succeed.
  • Location – Working at a place that’s central to the local business community helps your business make its mark in the community at large. Situated in or near shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities are convenient and allow you to support your local businesses while also expanding your brand’s footprint in the process.
  • The Space – Good coworking companies design with the worker in mind. Unlike most coworking spaces, Venture X wants to inspire you towards your every success, with the best of the best. Well-appointed spaces in contemporary, upscale surroundings are ideal for bringing out the best in your business. With super-fast Internet, mailing services, business class office machines, and community managers to assist you, you can focus on your core business initiatives and leave the rest to us. Meeting with clients in our boutique hotel-style reception area, you’ve already impressed your client. With everything you need to do business, it’s our business to seamlessly run in the background and help you grow your business.
  • Amenities – A good coworking company pampers its members with all of the amenities required for the workday. Complimentary water, coffee, and tea service should be the minimal in amenities. Catered breakfast or lunch on some days is definitely a plus. At Venture X, we also provide in-house cafe and lounge areas, perfect for catering purposes. A good coworking company employs resourceful community managers that help with any hiccups you may encounter in your work day.

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