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Local Culture: Festivals and Events in Denver - North

August 25, 2023


Denver North is a bustling and vibrant neighborhood located just northeast of Downtown Denver. And in the heart of this neighborhood lies Venture X Denver - North, a modern coworking space that is perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes. 

As a coworking space that is situated in the heart of the community, Venture X Denver North is committed to promoting local culture and events. We believe that by being a part of the community, we can offer our members a more fulfilling and enriching experience. 

That's why we are excited to showcase the variety of festivals and events that take place in Denver - North throughout the year. These events not only celebrate the unique culture of the neighborhood but also offer a chance for members to connect with other locals and businesses. 

In this blog post, we'll be highlighting some of the most popular festivals and events in Denver North and exploring how they contribute to the coworking experience at Venture X Denver North.

Denver North Jazz Festival

One of the most highly anticipated festivals in Denver North is the annual Denver North Jazz Festival. This free, one-day event celebrates the history and legacy of jazz music in the neighborhood and has become a staple in the Denver community. The festival takes place in the heart of Denver North and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

The festival features multiple stages that showcase a diverse lineup of jazz musicians and performers. Attendees can enjoy music ranging from traditional New Orleans jazz to contemporary styles, all while taking in the vibrant atmosphere of the neighborhood. In addition to the music, there are also food and craft vendors that offer a variety of local fare and handmade goods.

Jazz music has a long and rich history in Five Points, with the neighborhood once being known as the "Harlem of the West." Many legendary jazz musicians have played in Denver North throughout the years, including Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, and Miles Davis. The Denver North Jazz Festival celebrates this history and legacy while also promoting contemporary jazz artists and local musicians.

Beyond its significance in Five Points, jazz music has had a cultural impact on Denver as a whole. The city has a thriving jazz scene, with many venues and festivals dedicated to the genre. The Five Points Jazz Festival is a testament to the city's love of jazz and its importance in the community.

As a coworking space located in the heart of Denver North, Venture X Denver North is proud to support the Denver North Jazz Festival and other local events that celebrate the neighborhood's culture and history. We believe that attending these events is not only a fun way to spend a day but also an opportunity to connect with other locals and experience the unique character of the neighborhood. 

The spirit of the jazz culture has made its way into our building, too! 

Juneteenth Music Festival

Another festival that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Denver North is the annual Juneteenth Music Festival. This three-day event commemorates the end of slavery in the United States and celebrates African American culture, music, and arts. The festival is a beloved tradition in Denver North and is a testament to the community's dedication to preserving its history and culture.
The Juneteenth Music Festival features multiple stages that host a variety of musicians, poets, and dancers, showcasing the diversity and talent of the African American community in Denver. 

Attendees can enjoy everything from gospel music to hip-hop, with both established and up-and-coming artists taking the stage. In addition to the performances, the festival also features community-focused activities like a parade, a marketplace that showcases local businesses and vendors, and a wide range of cultural and educational workshops.

The parade is a highlight of the festival, with community members and organizations marching through the neighborhood to commemorate the end of slavery and celebrate the resilience and strength of the African American community. The marketplace is another important aspect of the festival, offering a platform for local businesses and vendors to showcase their products and services. This is a great opportunity for attendees to support local entrepreneurs and learn about the history and culture of Denver North.

As a coworking space that is committed to promoting local culture and events, Venture X Denver North is proud to support the Juneteenth Music Festival and its mission to celebrate African American culture and history. Attending the festival is a wonderful way for our members to connect with the community and experience the diversity and vibrancy of Denver North.

Other Local Attractions

While festivals and events are a great way to experience the culture and community of Five Points, there are also a number of other local attractions that are worth exploring. Here are a few places that coworkers at Venture X Denver North may be interested in:

  1. Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library - This library is dedicated to preserving and sharing the history and culture of African Americans in Colorado and the West. It features a vast collection of books, documents, and artifacts that highlight the contributions of African Americans to the state's history and culture.
  2. Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Studio - This renowned dance studio was founded by Cleo Parker Robinson, a Denver native and cultural icon. The studio offers a range of classes and performances that celebrate African American and multicultural dance and music.
  3. Black American West Museum - This museum tells the story of the Black pioneers and settlers who played a significant role in the development of the American West. The museum features exhibits and artifacts that showcase the contributions of African Americans to the region's history and culture.

Each of these attractions offers a unique perspective on the culture and history of Denver North, and all are within easy reach of Venture X Denver North. By taking the time to explore these local gems, coworkers can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the community they work in, and connect with the people and places that make  such a special neighborhood.

In conclusion, Five Points Denver is a vibrant and culturally rich neighborhood that is home to a variety of festivals, events, and attractions. From the Denver North Jazz Festival to the Juneteenth Music Festival, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the unique culture and history of the neighborhood throughout the year. Attending these events is not only a fun way to spend a day, but also a chance to connect with the local community and support local businesses and attractions.

At Venture X Denver North, we understand the importance of community and cultural experiences in the coworking environment. By participating in local events and exploring the neighborhood's attractions, our members can gain a deeper understanding of the community they work in and connect with other locals and businesses. We encourage our members to take advantage of all that Denver North has to offer and to support the local culture and economy.

By attending festivals and events, visiting local attractions, and supporting local businesses, our members can experience the best of what Five Points has to offer. We believe that the coworking experience is about more than just providing a workspace - it's about creating a community that is supportive, diverse, and culturally rich. Venture X Denver North is proud to be a part of the Denver North community and we look forward to continuing to support local culture and events in the years to come.