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Why I Don't Work From Home, Even Though I Could

June 6, 2023

When I first started my career, I would ask my manager at least twice per week if I could work from home.  Looking back, I'm sure she didn't love that.  I mean, what 22 year old doesn't want to write copy while watching Netflix, take meetings during an afternoon walk, and sleep in till 8:55am? If I ever could imagine a dream life - it was that.  Working for one of the ...

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Social Media Tips and Tricks for Strapped Entrepreneurs

June 3, 2023

Here at Venture X, our coworking members often share their challenges to keep up with social media trends and assume automation tools are for larger companies due to cost. Yet as an entrepreneur, social media can be a powerful tool for building your brand, engaging with your audience, and driving sales. However, with the demands of running a business, finding time to effectively manage your social media presence can be a challenge.  That’s why ...

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