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Tech Companies: Collaboration and Innovation in Coworking Spaces

August 2, 2017

As technology continues to change the way we navigate our lives, our world keeps expanding, while the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile devices allow increasing flexibility and creativity in the ways we work and play. As those much sought after online commuting and remote working environments have taken their places in the business-as-usual line up, a hybrid of sorts seems to be gaining in popularity as the traditional office is supplemented by shared coworking concepts.


For small businesses and startups, coworking spaces meet many needs in the way of a professional environment that fosters collaboration and networking, without office space rentals to wrestle with.  Today, even large companies are boldly going where corporations with large real estate presences didn't dare to go, just a few years ago. 

The sector unintentionally driving the current coworking trend is coming from those work-from-home lone rangers of the tech company variety. We know, ironic. While it's true the very nature of tech companies suggests that all one needs is a computing device, an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative technical mind, tech start-ups make up 27% of coworking space memberships at Venture X in Naples' Mercato neighborhood.

Collaboration inspires innovation

For tech startups, going out on a limb with a new idea or a revolutionary concept, collaborative, open environments can stimulate the imagination. Sometimes more than one point of view can make that one thing click that you just couldn't see on your own.

Coworking spaces tend to be places where knowledge sharing and the camaraderie of like-minded individuals ignites a synergy that bolsters creativity. Tech types who reported experiencing this creative energy vortex said their work performance improved in shared coworking environments.

In John Duckworth's 2016 article, "Co-working: The future for tech companies?," the author cited a 2012 Global Coworking Survey, where tech coworkers said, "their creativity had increased since moving into a coworking space, and 62% said their standard of work had improved."

Venture X Naples offers so much more than just a shared work space

Tech companies and individuals can find even more inspiration in our Naples' facility. Not your down and dirty start-up in a garage affair, Venture X is located in one of the most desirable areas of Naples, in the midst of a plethora of dining, cultural and entertainment venues.

When it's time to take a break, you can grab a bite and entertain clients or join other team members for a working dinner, just steps away. Back at the ranch, Venture X's high tech facilities offer more than just an affordable place to work.

  • Our facilities, a well-designed mix of modern office space meets boutique hotel, feature an industrial loft design with floor-to-ceiling windows and exposed ceilings.
  • Warp speed fiber optic Internet makes working on mobile and lap-top devices move at the same pace as your ideas.
  • Fully equipped and nicely appointed meeting rooms are outfitted with the latest in conference and presentation technology so when it's time to present your ideas to the money people, you are ready.
  • Free coffee, filtered water and a weekly catered breakfast fuel brainstorming sessions and save time running out for food and drinks.
  • A centralized café and lounge area, with a large kitchen promotes collaboration and serves as a community area for Venture X's diverse professional community. Tech start-ups can interact with professionals from other tech start-ups, marketing professionals, attorneys, architects and other folks. You can share ideas with other professionals you may need to grow your business or compare notes with other companies.
  • Our large lounge area can accommodate up to 75 guests for special events, with ample free parking for your guests in an adjoining four story garage.
  • We offer concierge-level member services and access to our online, as well as, in person member network to keep you connected, collaborating, inspired and developing relationships that can grow your business.
  • Secure 24/7 access to your work space and common areas for early morning or late-night sessions.

Coworking plans at Venture X Naples are flexible

For individuals and small companies, Venture X Naples' beautiful coworking office space plans are designed to save you money, while providing workspace solutions that fit your business needs. We offer flexible month-to-month agreements, with no long term leases or contracts required.

  • The Community plan, ideal for tech businesses that do not need office space every day includes a one day access to common areas per month, with added day passes for $25 per day available and meeting room access for $35 per hour. Great for touching base with your team and accessing the membership community, as well.
  • The Dedicated Desk plan is perfect for tech teams that want additional privacy and the same desk every day. Along with a dedicated desk, this plan includes a filing cabinet, ergonomic chairs, a mailing address, 24/7 access and three conference room hours per month.
  • The Shared Desk plan, a flexible full-time solution for free-spirits, allows you access to any open seat in our common area, plus a mailing address and two conference room hours per month.
  • Tech companies and individuals can also choose a Private Office plan or our Virtual Office plan among other options.

As coworking trends sail into the future of fluid office spaces, tech startups, established tech businesses and corporate tech teams are leading the way in collaborative, inspiring, knowledge-sharing community-based environments. Catch the coworking wave at Venture X Naples! Oh, in case it helps, we're a five-minute bike ride to Naples' beautiful, white, sandy beaches!