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5 Reasons Why Venture X in Naples is the Right Coworking Space for Your Business

August 2, 2017

Remember when we all thought it would be the cat's pajamas to ditch the daily commute and the grind and work from home? Sure, saving money on business attire was a definite plus, along with working more flexible hours but, after a while, we started to feel somewhat isolated and missed the hubbub of an office setting along with the sense of community and collaboration you just can't get from emailing and Skyping your team members, clients and colleagues.

Face it, we were confined to our homes and as much as we've been told, there's no place like home, it turns out, we needed a change of scenery. Well, now we're in luck, with Venture X Naples, we have a coworking space we can love.


As more Naples startups, small businesses and some large businesses, as well, are looking for well-appointed, upscale spaces that foster a networking and resource sharing business community, many are finding Venture X Naples to be just the ticket.

It's a space somewhere between a boutique hotel and a modern office environment. Below are five reasons Venture X Naples coworking space is right for your Naples, Florida business:

Location, location, location

Venture X Naples is located in Mercato, the lifeline and cultural pulse of Naples, Florida. Surrounded by luxury office spaces, trending restaurants and exciting nightlife, Mercato is also the hub of many community and cultural events as well.

You can meet with colleagues and clients in the comfort of our contemporary, industrial loft designed space that features high exposed ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and an outdoor terrace. Renting office space at Venture X could be the first of many smart business moves to grow your brand around many other like-minded entrepreneurs and individuals.

Make a business statement

If your business is growing and you need to actually meet in person with clients, your home doesn't really cut it, does it? You may live in a beautiful home but nothing says, "I need a real office," like your kids chasing the dog through your meeting or some other unlikely disaster coming to fruition at exactly the worst possible time.

At Venture X, you can focus on your client's needs in a space conducive to transacting business and then take them out to lunch or dinner at one of Mercato's impressive restaurants.

Save on overhead costs

Your business is growing but your budget for renting an office does not exactly fit into the "desirable and/or safe neighborhood" category. Venture X's coworking space in the Naples' Mercato area makes renting office space a non-issue. You can rent a desk in our common area, a private office, a dedicated work space or whatever Venture X plan your business needs.

Many large corporations can take advantage of Venture X's collaborative spirit to inspire their next business ideas.  Having a dedicated office space saves money, giving your teams a place to coordinate plans and hold brainstorming sessions, bring team members together, without flying everyone to corporate headquarters at quite an expense.

Not just an office space

Need a meeting room to pitch your latest ideas or products? Our meeting rooms offer state-of-the-art conference technology with warp speed fiber optic Internet and professional copying, scanning and printing capabilities. Want to take a break, grab a bite and socialize? Check out our centrally located café and lounge/reception area with a large diner-style kitchen or step out on the terrace for some fresh air, a little sunshine and the opportunity to mingle with other tech-startups, architects, realtors, freelancers, health and fitness publishers and many more diverse professionals that inspire our local business community here in beautiful Naples, Florida.

Special events

No need to feel isolated when you have shared office space at Venture X, you can attend weekly events that provide social, cultural, educational and entrepreneurial insights into today's marketing trends, explore the importance of consistency in customer experience and other timely topics you need to know to grow your business.

With enough room to accommodate 75 guests, our high-ceiling spacious lounge area makes an excellent venue to host a private event. With a kitchen available for catered events and ample parking for your guests, your Venture X event can be a huge success, making memorable impressions on clients and colleagues.

If working in a hip, happening space inspires you? If you like being surrounded by other like-minded professionals who are striving to realize their business potential, sharing ideas and resources, in a supportive community sounds like a plan to you, make it your business to contact Venture X to see which office space plan works for you.

We can help grow your business and save you money with flexible times, rates and so much more. Oh, and by the way, we're a five-minute bike ride from Naples' white sandy beaches! Just sayin'.