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Office Space in Mercato

August 12, 2013

Office Space for your business is just like in Real Estate, 

location matters! 

Showing your potential clients that you have a great location can help seal the deal. Not to mention it can help bring in new clients just by having an upscale address. At Venture X, we know it is a large value to all of the companies that rent office space from us because we can provide them with a Mercato address. In Naples, Florida, having a Mercato address is a big deal. It doesn't come cheap and everyone knows that. However, we can provide this address to any company for as low as $99/month. We provide many different types of office space solutions for businesses. From virtual offices up through fully enclosed and furnished private offices for teams. The flexibility of our space allows the companies here to scale up or down and not have to worry about moving offices.

Here...I will provide you with an example of our surroundings. In the Mercato Plaza, the cheapest 1 bedroom condo goes for approximately $450,000 or around $3,000/month to rent it. Mercato is also known for the Silverspot Cinema which charges roughly $15-17 per movie ticket. Other theaters in the area are roughly $9-11 per ticket. Both of these prices I have just shared are well worth it. The apartments are top notch, gorgeous and provide an amazing location within walking distance to stores, pubs, cinemas and restaurants.  The Cinema is known to be one of the nicest theaters in South Florida. Why am I telling you this? Because when our office space solutions start as low as $99/month, your company is getting quite the bargain. Come check us out in Mercato or give us a call for a tour at 239-300-9601.