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Why You Should Book a Professional Meeting Space for Your Next Meeting

Mar 16, 2021 | Blog

During the height of the pandemic, everyone discovered the new skill of finding a way to do things together while being apart. Now, as the COVID-19 vaccine is creating a safer place to work and live, we can start to find ways to reconnect with our friends, family, and business colleagues in person.

Although many people are working from home for the foreseeable future and many corporate buildings are not set to reopen any time soon, businesses are finding that they need in-person meetings.

One of the many benefits surrounding the evolution of coworking and flexible office spaces lies in the fact that most shared office spaces feature high-tech meeting and conference rooms that are available at reasonable rates in high-demand locations.

In a time when mobility is taking a prominent position in the way we work, renting professional meeting spaces for various in-person teams and groups can make life feel a little more normal.

Bringing Team Members and Clients Into A Professional Setting

Professional meeting and conference rooms in coworking spaces offer businesses the ideal setting for remote teams to gather for briefing sessions to get everyone on the same page.

Some businesses may want to give workers a break from working at home, to provide team building or brainstorming opportunities for new projects. Others need a space to hold meetings for clients or potential clients but require Internet and audio-visual equipment in a professional setting.

A lot has been said about isolation and how that relates to your mental health and seeing your colleagues and clients in person can be incredibly motivating, especially now.

Scheduling your next business meeting in a professional meeting or conference room that is ready to go offers many benefits, consider these below.

Meeting Rooms Help Businesses Save Money and Time

Part of the popularity of coworking spaces centers around the savings for businesses in bypassing the expense of long-term commercial lease commitments, along with the time-consuming tasks of outfitting offices with technology, business-class office equipment, conference room furnishings, and all the other details involved in going down that path.

Coworking spaces offer turnkey opportunities with everything you need to run your business every day, professional meeting rooms come with the package. Built into coworking and flexible office environments, some membership plans include meeting and conference room hours, with additional hours available at discounted member rates.

Conference room

Coworking Spaces Offer More Flexible Solutions For Your Meetings

Convention centers, hotels, and other large event venues may be the right place for interstate conferences and corporate events, whenever those happen again. However, for smaller meetings, high-tech, well-appointed, and equipped meeting rooms help businesses save money, by not needing to rely on hotel spaces for meetings and conferences.

Coordinating meetings at hotels and event venues can be costly, as well, given audio-visual equipment rentals, in addition to seating and stage setups that might not be included in your contract. Also, renting a space in a place that specializes in business meetings, such as Venture X, can save you up to 50% compared to renting hotel meeting rooms and such.

Additionally, Community Managers are on-site to work with you to help you plan your event, offering you their expertise and guiding you through the details of your event. Community Managers can point you to a caterer that suits your needs or you can use your own for your meeting or event.

Most hotels require you to use their in-house catering services, which may or may not offer the food you want to serve at the prices you have in mind.

Professional Business Spaces Are Built To Impress

Scheduling your next meeting at the right coworking or shared office space ensures that your meeting will be a resounding success and technologically hiccup-free.

At Venture X, our meeting spaces with super-fast Internet connections also include access to business-class copiers, printers, and scanners, as well as state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment to make your presentations pop! Most coworking spaces offer everything you need to conduct a virtual meeting if that is needed as well.

Meeting Spaces That Fit Your Purposes

Scheduling your next meeting for remote teams which may consist of four people this week and fourteen the next, is easy. Unlike hotel spaces, coworking spaces feature meeting rooms tailored to the size and type of meeting.

With no long-term commitments required for office space or for meeting room rentals, coworking spaces afford companies the luxury of scheduling meetings for remote workers to connect with other members of their teams, in person whenever needed. Businesses may also want to schedule team meetings away from the distractions of their traditional office settings.

Whether your meetings involve discussing sensitive materials that need a private setting or whether you are gathering your employees to provide status updates coworking and shared office space companies can custom-fit their space for your meetings, as you need them!

For some businesses, meeting with remote employees can get expensive when you factor in flying remote team members across the country and putting them up for several nights in a hotel.

Instead, some companies are flying their team members to a more central meeting location or if remote team members are located in the same geographic area, project supervisors can travel to a local coworking space for in-person meetings.

For some businesses, it’s more about finding a location that works for meetings with existing, or potential, clients. Meetings can be scheduled near the client’s headquarters making it very convenient for the client. And when meeting with a client, it’s understandable that every business wants nothing but the best because they want to make a lasting positive impression – professional meeting spaces at coworking locations, such as Venture X, are sure to impress.

Shared Spaces Embody a Professional, Connected Perception

As coworking spaces evolved past their party-all-the-time phase, as publicized in the beginning, some, such as Venture X have matured into places with strong community connections.

In these uncertain times, the coworking space model is an oasis for business professionals. Renting meeting spaces in places where business development is key gets your meetings off to the right start.

Friendly and resourceful receptionists assist your meeting attendees in directing them to your meeting space, allowing everyone a safe and satisfactory arrival without issues.

high tech conference rooms

Easy Meeting Scheduling

Once you’ve initiated the process, online meeting room reservation portals are easy to access for room reservations with the option to pay online. Venture X locations offer ample parking for meetings and events.

Safe and Clean Meeting Spaces

Having a safe and clean space to host a business meeting has never mattered as much as it does now. This is not something we will take for granted anytime soon.

At Venture X, we take your health and safety very seriously. We frequently clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces, offer hand sanitizer and/or handwashing stations, and require masks to be worn in all common areas.

As a precaution, we ask everyone who is feeling ill to stay home so that we can keep everyone in our space healthy.

If your business is looking for a professional meeting space that is fully equipped and ready to go, look no further. Venture X locations across the country are sure to impress and exceed your expectations.

Contact your local Venture X to schedule your next in-person meeting!

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