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How to Create Useful Coworking Content Anthologies

Apr 12, 2022 | Blog

Anthologies are essential for the organization of professionals in coworking spaces. Coworkers often encounter several people throughout the day, and deal with an onslaught of new information as a result. Having a methodical anthology provides instantaneous value as it allows you to stay organized and diligent. It’s the difference between a coworker who says, “I’ll have something for you later today”, and one who says, “I’m finding something for you right now.”  

Below you will find tips on organizing and sharing your content in a way that delivers the right message to the right person at the right time.


Utilizing hashtags on all social media platforms allow you to catalog, organize, and easily retrieve relevant and applicable content. The hashtag #entrepreneur allows you to quickly differentiate and filter through posts of people’s pets, recipes, and vacations. You can be as vague (#coworking) or as specific (#VentureX) as you want to be, to find LinkedIn connections with similar interests, blogs, photos, and articles relevant to your field of choice. 

Differentiate by Content Type

There’s no such thing as being “too” organized. Different people require different types of content. The graphic designer may be interested in your visual content, while your accountant only requires your financial data. The key to great content is how applicable it is to the recipient. Categorizing, separating, and organizing your blog posts, photos, and numerical data, into folders and subfolders will make you more efficient in the long run. 

Use Cloud Services

Accessing information quickly is a demonstration of professionalism and personal value. The most popular cloud services Google, OneDrive, and Dropbox are free (or extremely low-cost), with large storage capacities that allow you to save, organize, and categorize your content in the cloud (online). This will allow you to navigate and share relevant content with a simple click of your keyboard. 

Organizing your great ideas and sharing content from a personal anthology is essential for developing a personal brand and value as a coworking space member. Venture X is where connections are made through delivering value to our members and their success is our number one goal.

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