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Member Spotlight – Paul Stubblefield

Venture X’s flexible coworking office space offers perks that all professionals will appreciate. Startups, entrepreneurs, small- and medium-sized firms as well as many freelancers have found Venture X to be the right place to work on growing their businesses. Paul Stubblefield who works in Quality Assurance for MassiveU, an educational software company, has been working out of Venture X Naples since January 2014.

MassiveU is an educational software company working to change the future of education. In fact, their newly crafted mission is “To empower and inspire (with) – learning by doing – in others and ourselves, SO THAT everyone may achieve exceptional outcomes.”  

We asked Paul some Q & As to get to know him a little better and learn about the journey he’s been on, career-wise.

What made you want to get involved in this line of work?

Ever since my eight years of working at America Online (AOL), I have been curious to see how, and ready to be part of how, technology can make our lives better.                      

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your job?

There is a sense of purpose and meaning to what we do. 

What’s the biggest challenge that you have faced in business and how did you overcome it?

The need for constant agility and adjusting and adapting is a MUST when one is working as a professional in the online/Internet industries – “the future is always right around the corner” is the mindset that is most helpful for me to have at work on a daily basis! In my view of the competitive business climate, we are always working and living and doing and thinking on “Internet Time,” as it were! 

What business tips would you like to share with others?

Be flexible, and always let the best ideas win, even when they are not yours. Very often they are mine (hahaha, I am obviously just kidding on the “very” part of that statement of course . . .), but, sometimes it may not be your own ideas that win the day and that is okay. In fact, it is beyond fine if it happens that way because that is the exact reason for the concept of team collaboration being so vital to what WE do at MassiveU.

What has been your favorite part about working at Venture X?

I have worked at Venture X for the better part of five+ years since January 2014. There is a very unique and special culture here that I cannot really describe precisely, but it is very positive. It helps facilitate a wonderful work environment. I love the sense of community and family at Venture X. I actually think of MassiveU and Venture X as my work family! 

Amanda, Bri, and Brett all know me well, and I am pleased to count them among my true friends in life – not just work – but in life as a whole. We often share stories and laughter and music and life hacks/tips and birthday and other celebrations and cool friendship, and much more. I am extremely grateful for them – and for Venture X – in my life. For me, at least, here, at Venture X Naples I have found a “Secret Sauce of Success” that magically brings out the best in me personally and professionally. There is a sincere kindness and optimal system of support and cheerleading and care for all the people and companies that call Venture X home. 

A Personal Look at Paul Stubblefield

In 2006, Paul won the “How AOL Has Succeeded in Accomplishing Our Mission and What We Should Accomplish Next?” essay contest while working for AOL. He told us that Steve Case has been a great influence on him and that it was a true honor to work for him for eight years at AOL and AOL Time Warner. 

We also learned that Paul likes to run 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons in addition to riding his bike all over Naples. In fact, he shared, “Given the ubiquity of Uber and Lyft nowadays together with my passion for biking, in late 2015 I decided to sell my automobile in order to focus on the creative and healthy option of commuting and living life with a bicycle as my primary method of transportation. And, I still love it! Many family and friends do wonder and ask me when I am returning to driving a car, but I have to tell them that I honestly still love the “no car decision,” I made to this very day! During my bike rides all over Naples (in the rain and all other weather conditions), I seem to gain new energy and sense of adventure and zest for life – a new vitality perhaps! At times, the biking activity helps me think more clearly on the many aspects of adulting in this 2019 version of the world.”

Are you looking for a new way of thinking about your business? Venture X might just be that perfect office space that allows you to do just that. Perks and amenities at Venture X take working to the next level. Come and go as needed but rest assured, when you need to get work done, you can get down to business in our modern workspaces. Book a tour of your local Venture X space today and you’ll soon understand why everyone loves to work here.

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