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Planning a Corporate Event? Consider these 10 Things

Planning corporate events can be challenging with a plethora of details and specifics to consider. For example, when deciding on an appropriate event space, you’ll want a space that fits your group’s needs and is located conveniently for your attendees. Things to consider include room sizes and the number of rooms you’ll need. If you’re planning to host an event with a speaker or presenter, outstanding acoustics, lighting, seamless audio-visual services, and, of course, fast and reliable Wi-Fi will be in order.

If you need rooms or spaces for breakout sessions, team building games, and other activities, you’ll want a space that can accommodate your itinerary. Need catering? That’s another series of decisions including snacks for breaks, dinner, hors d’oeuvres and beverage concerns. Then, there’s the networking aspect, where attendees mingle, bond, and ideally, collaborate. It’s a lot, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider coworking spaces for your next corporate event. This can be the simplified solution you’re looking for to make your event a smashing success. Consider these 10 reasons why coworking spaces are ideal venues for corporate events

  1. Attending corporate events in coworking spaces is fun and informative

Gatherings at coworking spaces are cool, fun, and cutting edge. Mingling with other business owners in open, coworking space environments can be eye-opening as like-minded professionals share strategies and concepts about their businesses that inspire and motivate attendees. The creative energy in coworking spaces generates ideas. On the forefront of innovation, coworking spaces are redefining the corporate event genre.

  1. Coworking spaces are geared towards hosting corporate events

Most coworking spaces are geared towards building community spirit. Corporate events hosted by individuals and small businesses are included in membership plans. Coworking spaces offer educational, entrepreneurial, and brand building events for the purpose of helping grow your business and getting to know your community. The collaborative energy guests feel at events held in coworking spaces motivates them to move forward in growing their businesses.

  1. Space considerations built into the design

Coworking spaces offer access to a variety of different-sized spaces based on their membership plans. From affordable shared desks and dedicated semi-private desks to private offices, coworking spaces also feature large reception areas. Everything you need for your event activities, space-wise, is part of coworking space designs. Community areas large enough to host corporate events are built into the big picture along with various desk areas for breakout sessions and conference rooms for audio/visual presentations. Acoustics and technology both play a part in why coworking spaces are great for corporate events – these spaces already have all of this figured out.

  1. Technology is top notch

To keep your event running smoothly, most coworking spaces feature state-of-the-art technology and super-fast Wi-Fi. Most coworking spaces feature high-tech meeting rooms with all of the presentation equipment you need to launch a product or provide educational and entertaining multi-media presentations for your corporate event. Printers and scanners are also available in coworking spaces should you need them.

  1. Business class office equipment saves time and money

Coworking spaces offer everything you need to do business, including business class printers, scanners, and other office equipment. Printing materials for your event on-site saves time and member discounts can save on printing. Mailing services are also available so any needed materials can be shipped to your coworking space event location.

  1. Knowledgeable, resourceful staff makes all the difference

Coworking space managers and other staff are at your service, suggesting ways to set up your event for optimal success. With experienced, helpful staff on-hand before, during, and after your event, hiccups and glitches can be avoided. Coworking staffs also know the lay of the land and how to present your event in its best light.

  1. Catering is a coworking thing

Coworking spaces are known for catering events for members; they maintain a list of caterers they can recommend for your corporate events. Most coworking spaces include cafes for member use. Once you’ve connected with the right caterer, special dietary concerns can be included in your menu planning so small businesses and individuals can turn their attention to promoting their businesses and not worrying about the menu and the food presentation.

  1. Ample parking or public transportation options encourage attendance

Coworking spaces often have on-site parking available for their members and ample parking for guests. More people will likely attend your event if they know they won’t have to search for a parking space. Other coworking spaces may be centrally located with easy access to public transportation options – again, making it easy for your guests.

  1. Cleaning included

Not unlike staying at a boutique hotel, coworking spaces provide cleaning services for their members. Cleaning services for an event may be included as well which means you can spend more time with potential clients and networking with other members, instead of dealing with cleaning services and supervising an outside cleaning crew.

  1. Networking opportunities abound

Yes, one of the best reasons to attend and/or throw your corporate event in coworking spaces is the thing that drives this paradigm shift in office environments. Networking! The most attractive coworking space attribute, networking, plays a huge role in the popularity of coworking spaces. Motivated by working around other professionals every day seems to be one of the main drivers of the way coworking spaces are redefining office environments. Hosting or attending events in coworking spaces allows guests to increase their brand’s footprint while capitalizing on other opportunities to grow their businesses and form strong community relationships.

At Venture X, we’re geared towards helping your business expand to its next level. Attending events at coworking spaces features into our membership plans, with regular educational, social, and networking events in addition to members hosting corporate events to drive more business to their growing companies. Unlike other coworking spaces, at Venture X, we indulge our members in the luxury of well-appointed, contemporary office surroundings with concierge-style hospitality services.

In a professional and welcoming environment, that looks and feels like a boutique hotel lobby, design-forward Venture X can take your corporate events to a whole new level. Contact Venture X today to discuss hosting your next corporate event at one of our locations.

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