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Pros & Cons: Coworking vs. Traditional Office Rentals in San Antonio

Here in San Antonio, more people than ever are looking for flexible work environments that foster collaboration and flexibility. Coworking spaces provide an affordable option to these entrepreneurs or individuals who work remotely without having to manage their office space. Of course, not everyone wants to share their workspace with people they do not know which is why they may choose a private and more traditional office space. But, even the most private of office workers could save money and build a network of peers by looking into coworking spaces here in San Antonio.

San Antonio Embraces Coworking

Our city has become a melting pot of modern creatives who are looking to network with like-minded individuals. As more millennials enter the workforce, their need for flexibility is changing the way the entire workforce thinks about working. We are becoming less tethered to our desks thanks to platforms like Slack, Basecamp, Google Docs, and others. While not every business is interested in employing those who wish to wander, it is far more common to offer flexibility in where you choose to work. Technology companies that are located in major cities such as New York, San Francisco, or Mountain Valley are often looking for talent in any location of the world and will allow those individuals to work remotely. Coworking spaces are a great alternative to setting up a temporary workspace at the local coffee shop or being confined to your home.

PROS of Coworking Spaces

  • Coworking with Venture X Saves You Money

Working from a coworking space as opposed to a traditional office rental can save you money in more ways than one. Instead of a lease or rental where you are committed to a long-term agreement and giving a large security deposit, with coworking spaces at Venture X, you work month to month on an as-needed basis. This provides flexibility for those who need it to accommodate for seasonal fluctuations in their schedules. If your work takes you to other cities where Venture X is located, you have the option to work from that space as well. It would be very costly to maintain offices in more than one city. Additionally, with a coworking space, you rent the space you need, not more. Sometimes you may end up with additional space because it’s all that was available but if that space is not needed, that’s money you could be saving. Lastly, many forget to calculate for the cost of furniture, utilities and maintenance of an office space. With Venture X, you don’t need to worry about those additional expenses that can add up very quickly; we have tastefully selected office furnishings for you, we worry about the Internet and power bills as well as the cleaning and maintenance of the office.

  • Coworking Provides Access to a Wide Range of Talent

When someone works in an office, he or she is surrounded by the same people each day and everyone is working toward the same goal. But, with coworking spaces, they have access to lots of different talented individuals and often those that work in industries completely different than their own. You can bounce ideas off these individuals, trade resources, or even work together.

  • Coworking Spaces Offer a Support System

As any entrepreneur will tell you, getting a business started is not an easy task. Although one is not usually completely alone in this undertaking, it is rare to have others with the same goal in mind working in the same office. In a coworking space, you can seek advice and words of encouragement as well as bounce ideas off of others who are navigating this course as well.

  • Coworking with Venture X Offers Networking Opportunities

Regardless of the size, every office offers networking opportunities with other professionals before, during or after the work day. Never underestimate how far some connections can take you; they may know someone who knows someone that you end up working with on a project.

  • Coworking Equals an Ongoing Learning Opportunity

All successful individuals will tell you that you should always strive to surround yourself with people you can learn something from and who are in places where you want to be. Continuously improving your skill set is invaluable and lifelong learning should be a goal for all professionals so always take advantage of the opportunity to learn from those around you.

CONS of Coworking Spaces

  • Coworking Spaces are Distracting

Although coworking spaces can be a great place to work, they can also be distracting and harmful to productivity with so many people moving around and talking in a shared work space. However, if you’re busy and determined enough, the comings and goings of others will go unnoticed. Joining a coworking community will put you in touch with other San Antonio locals who share the same drive for success that you do. Just reflect on how the “pros” far outweigh the “cons.” Consider removing yourself from the isolation of working alone and join Venture X’s coworking community today! Call us today to schedule a tour of facilities; we have now doubt you’ll love working here!

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