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The Benefits of a Virtual Office

May 20, 2013 | Blog

The demand for a virtual office is increasing daily. Companies are realizing that the professional location for their brand is needed to succeed. Let me start by explaining what WE mean by virtual office.

At Venture X, a virtual office is one of our membership options for companies that work from home, a different city, or just want a more upscale office address.

A virtual office allows companies to receive mail at a professional location, put an upscale address on their business cards and website, and to use the office occasionally to meet clients. Today, we will name some of the top reasons that people are using the virtual office membership at Venture X, and why you should too. 

1. Upscale business address with a friendly price

Location, Location, Location. At Venture X, we provide our members with a Mercato address, which is known to be one of the most desired addresses in Naples.

This allows companies to put the address on their website, Google maps and business cards. It gives their clients confidence that the company they hired is professional. We also have many companies from Fort Myers and Miami who need a Naples location because they have Naples clientele.

Location is key! 

2. Cost efficient

Some companies have a smaller budget and aren’t ready for some of the more expensive and full time office space solutions. They find it easy to work from home, but know they need to appear professional. With a virtual office, you have a very low overhead cost to worry about and it’s all month to month based. You can also have the confidence to know that you’re not stuck in a contract or lease. 

3. A place to meet clients when needed 

Many companies don’t need to meet clients every day. However, there are some days when you need to meet a client or potential client and the local coffee shop just won’t do.

A) You will spend too much money on a cup of coffee

B) You won’t impress a POTENTIAL client by bringing them to your “coffee shop office”.

Companies need to stand out from the rest. At Venture X, our virtual office members receive 2 days each month to use the space,  2 hours of conference room usage, PLUS unlimited organic coffee for yourself and clients. If you need more days, then we can provide that too. We also pride ourselves on having Fiber optic Wi-Fi, which will blow away any coffee shops speed. 

4. Separate work and home

I would be rich if I was given a dollar for every time someone comes into Venture X and says

“I can’t get any work done at home, because of the cat…child…dirty dishes…etc.”

With a Virtual Office, you have the option to add on as many days as you like. Venture X has 24/7 access, so if you’re trying to work from home and you get distracted, we’re open and ready for some business work to get done. Give us a call at 239-300-9601 or send us an email at [email protected].  

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