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The Benefits of using Meeting Rooms

Jan 8, 2014 | Blog

One of the most valuable ways to meet with clients or potential clients is by using a professional meeting room. At Venture X, we offer 2 meeting rooms so that our current members and outside companies have the ability to have private meetings in a professional location. Professional One of the largest perks to renting meeting rooms at Venture X is the professional atmosphere. The use of meeting rooms allows your brand and company to send off a professional vibe. It no longer matters if you are traveling or if you work from home and just need a room to meet, this quick investment has large values. Privacy Meetings should normally take place in a private place. At Venture X, we make sure our clients get the privacy they need in our meeting rooms.  Meeting with clients in an open environment such as a cafe or restaurant can have some risks with leaking private information. Set yourself apart from your competition by meeting in a professional private location. Prestigious Location One of the most valuable aspects of Venture X is the location in Mercato. When meeting at Venture X, you place yourself within walking distance to local dining, shopping and theaters. Build up your reputation and trust by treating your clients and employees to some dining and/or drinks after the meeting. Many executive suites within Naples require driving to the nearest restaurant, which in many cases is inefficient. Affordability We take pride in offering some of the most affordable meeting rooms in Naples, Florida. Many meeting rooms can be over priced and charge you for every additional feature required. When rooms are rented at Venture X, we provide them with everything needed: Fiberoptic internet access, organic coffee, white boards, black boards, presentation HDTV’s and more. If you are looking for an affordable prestigious meeting rooms in Naples, Florida, then give us a call or send us an email today.

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