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Apr 30, 2013 | Blog

This article is a guest writing by one of our members that has their headquarters at Venture X. Written by Lennon Content Group: “Ok so I’m a big writer dork.  I think Russian Lit is fun. I’d rather write a poem than go to a club. I’ve never been cool. Or hip. Or techie. And while I never really cared about that stuff I have to say that now that I’ve got a taste of the X factor at Venture X I don’t wanna go back ya’ll! A couple of weeks ago I visited Venture X at the Mercato to meet with Jason Hartgrave of The Internet Economist and I’m not gonna lie… I fell in love immediately with the clean sleek lines and polished cement floors. 

Disclaimer: Maybe here I should mention that I’m a Fountainhead groupie. I’ve always secretly wanted to fall in love with a building that looked like Howard Roark built it. But that’s another story. I know I risk sounding like a weirdo but there’s just something about the geometric soundproof booths that called to me like a siren. There was a karmic energy coming up from the smooth wood desks and the tasty organic coffee…who knows what made me fall…but I fell. Whatever the case, I knew that once we got a few clients under our belt that Venture X would be our first and most valuable business investment. Now why do I say investment instead of expense? Because I had a good  sense that Lennon Content Group would See immediate ROI from our rental of a Venture X work space. 1. Let me explain. For $299 a month per person I get a Mercato address. If you’re from Naples you KNOW this is worth a bunch more. It literally almost seems foolhardy not to jump at the chance to work here. It’s called social currency. It has tangible and real value. 2. The collaborative atmosphere is something that just can’t be bought. It’s a spirit, an idea, a cloud of creativity and action. The people who work here are passionate and driven. It rubs off. I want to hang with these people. I want to pick their brains and swap ideas. 3. It actually saves Lennon Content Group cash money to pay rent here! What? What you say? Don’t believe me? Well with no office space we were taking all of our meetings at coffee shops or at lunch. We sat down and tallied up that cost over the past six weeks. Oh…about $150 per person. Now factor in gas to drive to all those meetings which is another $50 weekly. So now we’re literally already in the red with $350 a month in expenditures per person before Venture X. So if you figure we have potential clients meet us here and we’re actually saving about $102 a month by renting a Venture X space. All this at no risk. There is no yearly contract. 4. Finally and way more valuable is the saved TIME. Last week I calculated that by not driving to appointments we’ve added a solid 10  hours drive time between the two of us. Ten hours to work on client work is equal to somewhere between $800-$1,200 per week extra money. Not to mention that it’s a heck of a lot easier to sign a client in a professional work space than it is in the back end of a coffee shop. It just is. But really while the numbers more than make sense…I just flat out fell head over heels for the X men and women! I say run…don’t walk to check out Venture X today”.

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