Venture X
This Working Alone Thing Sucks!

We’ve all been there. Those days at the office where we are isolated in our offices or cubicles, with no one to talk to or get advice from. It sucks! Lets face the facts. Everyone wants that feeling of being needed, and enjoys being helped. Its human nature to be social and to have the urge to talk to people. Well guess what?! This no longer is an issue once Venture X launches coworking spaces in Naples. Venture X is preparing to bring a whole new vibe to Naples and all of SWFL. Venture X encourages collaboration so that no one ever has to work alone again. Coworking allows people to get involved with other entrepreneurs and work side by side with like-minded individuals. You want privacy? Thats fine as well, we all have those times where we need to get in the zone and work in privacy. At Venture X we have private offices, conference rooms, a lounge area, phone booths and many more ways that you can zone out, put on the headphones and work away. We want the Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and all Independents of Naples and SWFL to be successful at whatever they do, and this is why we are creating Venture X.

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